TEXT TOPIC: What do you suck at?

I'm a stay at home mom and I suck at it. I can't keep up with the cleaning or the kids. I need crack. Lots and lots of crack.

I suck at getting up in the mornings. I can get up 20min before I have to leave for work. Then I'll brush my teeth and everything even I get there

I suck at sports or anything that requires athletic ability or coordination. And. I get injured every time I try. I should just give up

I am not coordinated at all I constantly am hitting stuff & falling, literally 5 mins ago I fell down the stairs, landed on my ankle, no hope 4 me

I admit I totally suck at getting up early to be on time to work in the morning not a morning person!

I'm terrible at math!!! I literally get panic attacks! It's okay tho, God knew I would be to powerful if I could do math.

I suck at soccer

I admit I totally suck at dieting and being consistent about it it's ridiculous!!!

managing my own money. Great at managing other people's. I'm an accountant. My own, I suck at it.

laundry. Takes me weeks to do what most do in a day. And it never gets folded and put away, it's just in baskets.

suck at relationships

I am HORRIBLE at cleaning. I hate it! I don''t like doing laundry, I don''t like doing dishes. I tell my fianc all the time how sorry I am that I''m a crappy housewife.

I suck at being on time and it honestly drives me insane it makes me so stressed and so mad and I try so hard

suck at singing

I'm craft impaired

Finances. If my bills aren't on an automatic payment then it's easily 2+ months before I remember to pay (mostly because collectors are calling me)

I suck at sugarcoating. I'm a straight shooter I tell you how it is and if I have to fluff it you know I'm lying.

I suck at letting negative expectations overrule happy potential.

graceful I am not. I run into stationary objects all of the time.

Flirting. I SUCK at flirting. Or talking to someone I'm remotely attracted to. Ugh.

I grew up in a Utah all my life and I SUCK at skiing!! I always crash and I mowed down a little kid! I will never ski again, I'm ok with sucking at it

I suck at dating. I pick emotionally unavailable men who stringme along and then dump me ... because, you guessed it, they re emotionally unavailable!

I'm so messy... and I can't stand it !!! I try so hard.. but it's the sad truth :( lol

I suck at math

I SUCK at parking forward. I've admitted it and rarely do it. I'm always crooked somehow. So I park backwards wherever I go. And I'm a boss at it!

I suck at explaining things. Don't ever ask me to tell you the story or explain what happened because it will never be right

suck at video game!! I react to slowly to being shot at and my aim is horrible! My husband always make fun of me so now I just sit and watch him play video games instead of playing myself.

suck at expressing myself; thoughts/opinions, emotions, etc. All because I'm scared of disappointing people.

tell people i am organizationally challenged and a paper mess

cannot relax! I seriously always have to be doing something. The upside is my house is always spotless even with 2 crazy kids (5 and 3) & a messy hubby

suck at friendship! I'm sorry lady's! I'm a great listener, but do t take time to go out with the girls ... ever!

suck at being a step mom. I can t seem to say or do anything right!! So I gave up. I just focus on our kids.

suck at marriage. #7 and it's going down the tubes.

also suck at keeping friends Frankie. It's so much work and just love being at home with my dog

suck at keeping my mouth shut when it could be a life altering comment =3 lord help me

can't put lids on anything!! Even when I try, the lids never stay on

suck at taking care of myself

suck at swearing! I so badly just want to sound cool... I just want the Damn to be good a swearing Hell!

suck at being pregnant! I complain a lot and give into all my cravings

suck at being romantic. I hate holidays that require to do so and my wife knows it and I feel bad. I don t need a holiday to express my love to my wife. I literally go blank on trying to think of something romantic to do.

Directions. Navigation. Remembering where things are located. Like I can't remember how to get back to places I've visited

suck Getting to work on time. I am literally late every single day. Probably going to get financing

suck at parking. I just can't do it

suck at being social! I can't make new friends or be social setting without just keeping to myself

suck at staying motivated because I know I would rather be lazy

suck at being married too. Been married 3 times... and I'm not good at it

suck at being a father. I love my two boys but when it comes to crying and whining, I have no patience and I really, really suck.

SUCK at grocery shopping.. i hate it

I'm terrible at picking carts at the grocery store. I always pick the cart with a wobbly wheel.

suck at having confidence. Whether it's parenting, working or anything in general, everyone else thinks i'm a strong woman I don't see it.

really suck at hiding my feelings. Its sucks at work if a customer is annoying me or making me angry I seriously have NO poker face! My manager told me to work on it. 

suck at focusing on one task at a time. Right now I should be working but I'm texting you.

suck at doing as I say and not as I do!

suck at momming. Working mom 60+ hrs/week and miss out on school events. Breaks my heart. Love my kids so much. Sacrifices suck!

suck at making decisions even the most simple decision I get so much anxiety about how it will impact everyone else I freeze up

suck at dating. Saying awkward thing, talking about things that shouldnt be talked about early, totally screw myself I hate it

I'm gay and have a horrible gaydar I suck at being gay

suck at summing up. If I have to explain something quickly or in a couple sentences I am the worst! I am a novel writer, I can tell you an amazingstory beautifully, but short sentences I suck

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