TEXT TOPIC: What is a sign you've made it?

don’t have to worry about every single purchase. you’re not buying extravagant things but you’re not worrying about buying the basics either

not looking at my bank account when I go grocery shopping, buy gas or want to buy things! Finally financial freedom from a once single teenage mom

When we could fill up our cars at the gas station instead of crossing our fingers hoping $5 would last and then getting stuck on the side of the road. lol!

I know I made when I can drop over $1000 on a trip to Vegas without worrying.

I know I made it because I''ll be taking my Man to Hawaii in May.

You know you've made it when you are happy in your job. Things don't make me happy.

when I can fill my tank without standing outside to stop it at $15

can take my family on vaca without saving up for years!!!

I'm a dog groomer. When the customer was no longer always right and I stopped caring if clients threatened to go elsewhere.

eating at a nice restaurant without it having to be a special occasion

when I can buy new tires without worrying about the cost.

afford a new car and not have to sweat about the payments

When I was a single mom of two kids, on only my income, no child support. I was able to give my kids everything they needed/wanted and vacations

When I started being able to buy furniture on debit instead of credit 

Currently shopping for a Mercedes Benz. I Thank God 100 . Never thought I could .

being able to put massive amounts of cash in savings and still be good

able to save $50k a year

When it's payday and you still have money in your checking from previous payday (don't need to pay off the line of credit)

paying my mortgage on the 1st instead of the 15th before the late fee

Being able to set your mortgage payments on automatic withdrawal #madeit

Getting my own office

know I made it in my career when I can afford to pay all my and my parents bills.

Widowed 9 yrs, 2 kids, I bought a small house & finally renovated my basement into an Airbnb to pay the mortgage all on my own. #ididit

being able to pay questar and rocky mountain power both in the same month

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