TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family who throws adult temper tantrums

my mil is the worst. She told my 5 year old daughter that didn't want to do a picture after dancing that she was never coming to watch her again and stormed

It can be me. Don't be a little B. I hate advice unsolicited. If I am telling about what's going on, don't mean I am asking for help

everyone of my in-laws no one can communicate. Everyone is "in charge". No one can be humble and submissive. I just sit back and watch the show.

step daughter 22. Full on meltdowns throwing things slamming doors dropping F bombs. I don't let my 7 y/o act that way.

My father throws temper tantrums all the time. If you do something that he deems incorrect (dishwasher loading, eating something he bought, etc) he freaks!

my husband. I love him but he needs more timeouts then the kids. He is trying because I have refused to go places with him. Now he feels left out.

It''s so my ma. She gets so mad when she doesn''t get her way she will do major guilt trip. She is queen of guilt. And she will give me silent treatment when she doesn''t get her way

My sister-in-law Andrea. She has a fit anytime somebody doesn''t talk to her about their problems. She has a fit if you get anything new no matter what it is. She will full on bawl and scream at you if she is mad because of the above stuff

24-year-old sister still lives with my parents throws adult temper tantrums almost daily. If she can't find her keys she screams, cries, slams doors

my 42 year old brother lives with my parents, he got in a fight with them so he stormed outside, slammed the door then slit their brand new truck tires.

my two sisters in law don''t get along and they like to put my husband and I against each other. We didn''t take one sisters side so she BLOCKED us on everything. Note- we are all adults.

sisters-in-law (30) is super jealous. At Xmas when baking cookies with the family she will throw a full tantrum if anyone frosts the cookies or getsANY attention(especially the girls) from Mother-in-law

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