TEXT TOPIC: Did a celeb write you back?

posted a pic of Sarah McLauglin from years ago when she was coming in concert and she reposted on her IG account saying thanks.

over 10 years ago I wrote to JK Rowling and she wrote back. For a few years we would write back and forth off and on. Nicest woman and was very supportive during a really tough time in my life. Recently been thinking about writing her again to update her on my life.

wrote a letter to President Ronald Regan in '83. He/staff wrote back. I at least have a signature.

reached out to 3 reality stars. Coco told her her daughter looks like her and she commented back, the bald model on America''s next top model, her and I DMd each other for a while. And Holly Madison from girls next door, we talked about babies teething. All on Instagram!

My son Wrote George Lucas telling him an idea for Star Wars. He was 8. The response was from a staff member.

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