TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

Honey Bunny, I guess Football/NBA is more important to watch then having sex with your wife! I m tired of coming in 2ndall the time! #OverSportsRuiningMySexLife!

My sister in law. U are really smart with nursing stuff and staying active. But not everyone wants or likes to go go go especially on vacation. So back the f off!!

I did not go to the damn airport to babysit your children while you say goodbye to MY father

to all those who drive Pony Express: the speed limit is THIRTY FIVE in front of the schools! Don't hate because I care about students' safety.

To the D bag BYU fan that just tried to cut me off.. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I have crazy emotions already. I am not afraid to come at you.

the family hates your baby mama cuz you talk trash on her. We'll like her when you do

It doesn''t matter how much I get back from taxes. We have six kids on a single income. And no matter how much we get back it''s none of your damn business. Don''t ask.grrr

I am 35 years old if I want to travel somewhere by myself without you with me I'm pretty sure I can handle it. I don't need a damn babysitter all the time.

To my roommate, trying to raise the agreed amount of rent because you have to many bills, have fun living alone and paying for everything, I'm out!

hey girl you have ONE kid who's a few months old, you do NOT know everything about being a mom and you def have no right to shame other moms ur a joke

we invited you on OUR trip--you don't get to plan it!!

When you get married again (for the third time) you can pick what colors YOU want. It's my turn and you'll wear what I want. #bridezila

Turn your headlights on when it's dark, I am tired of seeing people without their lights on even on the freeway!! If you can't remember to turn your

Grow up and do your job and stop worrying about everyone else

Vaccinate your kid! You are not smarter than your pediatrician!

if you are married, stop cheating! You are destroying people by doing this. And people who are cheating with people who they know are married, STOP! Have some human decency

Great to hear that you’re BFFs with the chick you talked so much crap about! Hope you both a great "friendship", hope she doesn’t find out the things you said.

I have given so many opportunities at work to have you shine but your attitude lately has me second guessing. I just gave you a huge opportunity and you turned it down. You complain saying I don''t give you chances, but it''s you that keeps turning it down.

so glad I ditched your loser butt! My new bf treats me better, he has great bedroom skills and he's not cheap and lazy like you

When you have to keep your girlfriend a secret that is not a relationship. You should be proud to have such an amazing lady by your side and be her biggest cheerleader.

I love being passive-aggressive on social media, especially when it ruffles feathers. My bro-in-law called me a keyboard warrior! I'll take it!

Lyft/Uber passengers: Pls tip. We drive ur drunk butts home & save u ticket $.We take u airport,save u headaches. I'm fun/on time/have chocolate!

Stop treating me like your personal minion at work! Your bafoon ass gets paid 20 K more than me so do your own job!

I cant wait for you to move out of my house. I''m done with your childish ways, your a 30 year old man. Good luck with everything, but I''m done. I''m ready for the husband and I to have our house back.

To the seriously passive aggressive grown man throwing an adult size temper tantrum at Snowbasin this weekend, just because you couldn''t get the table you wanted in order to sit next to the rest of your family and friends, doesn''t give you the right to go and tattle on the very nice woman who was saving the spots for her daughter and 4 friends that were going to be there with in 10 minutes time. Grow up! You embarrassed your whole family and made it awkward for all those around you.

I hope you realize your new booty call kinda looks like ET. Maybe you''ll gat an alien std

let your employees take some time off! 1 wk per year is bs

Time to be passive aggressive about a coworker: By all means, let''s talk about YOU and YOUR FAMILY whenever you are in the room. Don''t worry about our coworker who is battling cancer or the other one who is going through a divorce.

I can't stand my in laws. Like the whole family. toxic people. We have to break the news that we want to cut ties with all of them

have fun with the new girl, hope she enjoys living in my shadow. You'll never have anyone as good as me ever again!!

You want me to open up, be vulnerable, and lean on you, yet youre always in crisis and having a break down! Pull it together andmaybe I ll trust that you can be there for me.

we get it you hate trump. No need for 15 posts a day on social media. Can you say unfollowed.

you said you wanted to change and get away from that loser, we made room in our home for you and your babies. Then six months later you have a place of your own for not even a full month and decide 2 go back to him you are dumb

Hey mom, even though I''m 20 and still live with you, stop listening in on my conversations and stop constantly asking me where I am or asking what I''m doing! Im an adult and need my privacy!

stop micromanaging your Pharmacy Staff or you won't have a staff buddy

I wish you were trustworthy, responsible, and caring. But you’re not, which really sucks. Thank you for the disappointment. Oh and I’m giving the collection agency your information. Good luck.

To the team I manage, U all are in my radar, stop talking and complaining cuz U need to step it up and be at work, I'll clean the house, I promise

hey mother in law. I'm actually a very nice person and a great mom. Back the hell off lady!

Dear lady yes I had my receipt yes I had the the warranty give me my new kindle kids. Dont argue

Just because he is my first child doesn''t mean I don''t know what I''m doing stop telling me once I have a second kid I won''t be so crazy. I''m not crazy by not wanting my infant around your sick kid who just threw up

thanks for getting pregnant. You got married after us and now we are feeling the pressure to start a family. We aren't there yet.

stop canceling your appts I rely on them, this is my income. You aren't sick every Tuesday of every week.

dear brother in law: you live in your parents basement, refuse to pay rent, but I see on FB that you're planning a vacation! WTH

You are 23 years old and have never worked maintenance before,yet you insist you know more about everything than the 9 other guys here with years and years of experience. Grrrrr

sisters in law: hope you never need family and friends support to make a living. You suck!

we have 3 kids together and split 50 50 custody my other kids dont matter when it comes to taxes. Ours kids should be split 50 50

To the person who let my dog out of the yard ... I'm going to hurt you.

yes I AM a nice guy, but I''m sick of you taking advantage of me especially when you KNOW I''m barely making ends meet. Thanks for treating me like absolute trash when all I do is try to be nice to you.

dear neighbors get you crap together and stop setting off your car alarm every morning- 4am is too early! I need sleep

you didn''t win anything when you are sleeping with a married partner. Narcissistic, manipulative, and they will cheat on you too- naive to think the other partner drove him to cheat

ok boss get ur crap 2gther & pay me on time! U & cowrkr both b on time do ur damn jobs & = xpecting me to clean up ur mess I have2 do my own job!

please don't tell me that Hodgkin's lymphoma is the good cancer. My son is only 8. Nothing is good about it!

You waited 4 months to tell me I didn''t get the promotion and even then I had to hunt you down to find out. I could have been looking for something else the entire time.Your a real wanker.

Dear professor, there''s no need to penalize me for taking a vacay bcuz ur jealous. Your horse isn''t that high, I''ll go above it no problem and pass with a tan

passive agg To my boss: make sure you know who's responsible for the mishap before you blame me.

I 2nd that txt about the pharmacy being micromanaged! U call me fam & I've been loyal for a decade! Never thought I would leave! But so glad I did!

hey people a speedbump is not a stop sign Keep GOING

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