TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions-Working from home

You can have a nooner at home and it's totally appropriate

I work from home but my boss doesn't know half my workday is playing fortnite

have many conversations with customers while snuggled with kids

when I work from home I never wear pants. And usually stay in bed. I miss it.

I do house work while on the clock such as make my bed do my laundry load dishwasher

My clients know I work frm home but even though I have 9-5 hrs they call anytime cause "I'm already home"

I work from home here in Utah for an airline doing customer relations! Basically I deal with all the people who feel entitled to some sort of credit for taking public transportation thatdidn’tgo their way! Basically we give in to whatever you want because we want your business anddoesn’tmatter if you act like a 2 year old if you go far enough we will make sure you get your credit of $100-$200 for having to sit next to a screaming child because again their private jet must not be flying that day

I go days without a bath, I wear pjs all the time and my hair is crazy = messy

I work 2 days in the office. 2 at home. Work 16 hrs get paid for 32. Salary rocks!

pants and bra are optional, sometimes I haven't even showered. Usually have Netflix playing in the background.

I sometimes wear my robe and 99 percent of the time I do my makeup and hair at my desk. And I have watched almost every Netflix show there is... only when it''s slow at work = and nap on a break

just because I work from home doesn''t mean I don''t work! People ask me to run errands for them, watch their kids, or think I can come and go as I please. I still have normal work hours!!

I work from home doing reservations and sometimes I rush in from the shower to work so I end up in a towel or less and to get a little out there, I''ve done some naughty things while on the phone with customers. Thank god for the mute button!

I don't shower for days or leave the house!!! I roll out of bed and log on the computer.

I work from home and have my daughter home. I cant afford daycare and since I''m there, why not! Also, when my boyfriend comes home from out of town, I take "quick breaks" ;)

When I was pregnant I would take naps all the time just because I was tired. I do it when I'm sick as well

mostly snuggle with my dog and watch Netflix when I work from home. Sorry not sorry.

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