TEXT TOPIC: Are you Netflix cheating?

I cheat and watch the episodes and then put them as play from beginning and act surprised when we then watch them together

My wife Maryann is the Netflix cheater. She watches iZombie without me. He started supernatural together and she finished two seasons without me. What is it about me that''s so wrong=- lol. Garret

Last year I Netflix cheated on my husband = I watched a whole season without him and he just barely forgave me. It''s been rough.

Netflix cheating...totally me. Poldark, Mind Hunters, True Blood, Stranger Things...you name it. She said we should only do one episode a week...WHAT?!? I blow through the entire season in a week or two then pretend to not know what''s going on

My wife Netflix cheated on me with desperate housewives after you years ago after she did that I lost interest which ended up in are losing interest too

my wife watched the whole last season of orange is the new black and shameless without me . Needless to say I didn''t watch it until she was done because I didn''t want to watch episodes after episodes I haven''t seen . And yes she got yelled at haha

I don't cheat by watching without my husband, I read online the episode synopsis and can read a whole season in the time it takes for one episode hahaha!!

went ahead on the Ted Bundy Netflix series without my boyfriend and he doesn't know

I'm a Netflix cheater i watch all the rest of Psych seasons without my husband because he always sleep when we're watching something

my hubby skipped ahead on burn Notice. ...we still haven't watched it - haven't forgiven him

I have cheated watching ahead but am not smart enough to make it look like I haven''t watched it on Netflix. My husband just laughs because I am NOT so sneaky

New season of Brooklyn 99 started on Hulu. Went to go watch/start it with my husband and it asked "Play Again" when I went to start it... AGAIN?!

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