TEXT TOPIC: What new thing did you try recently?

A group of 10 friends and got back from a nudist cruise. Awesome first experience!!=== Eastern Caribbean. We could be nude except in some dining rooms They also arranged excursions where we could be nude once we got to destination

bought and wore a wig for the first time

made a "special" video last year

tried deer for the first time. Got food poisoning 

38 and tried Olive garden for the first time last year...

I''ve finally experienced for the first time Disneyland. I''m 35 yrs old and all my family has gone several times before.

went on 1st cruise... had a blast

my boyfriend talked me into trying a sex toy for the first time. Wow!!!

kissed a girl... I'm a girl

Test drove the newest car in town. It was sleek. The A class Mercedes Benz at the Larry Miller lot in Draper

chocolate edibles for the first time "legally". Had way too much!!

the sound of music. I'm 35....never seen it til last week

tried Bison chili for the first time last week, it was delicious!!

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