TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good!! What is your something good?

Saturday we got a cat! A calico, very beautiful and has fomo

just want to say I love my wife. She is amazing and I appreciate her a lot. Your boy Reg

started a new job working with special needs kids and it's been an amazing experience!

going to red river today for my Hashimoto's after listening to Jess talk about how much it helped her.

good news! Jury duty was cancelled this week...and I'm going to Adam Sandler tonight!!

headed to Phx on Thursday!! Woot woot!

my amazing beautiful wife has an interview Wednesday to get her GS 13 she will rock it!

Tanner here and my band Lunar Spirit's 2nd album just came out and I'm SO proud and happy about how it turned out! Luv u guys:)

My daughter drill team the copper hills azurettes won state this weekend and are 7x 6A state champs and they also got awarded for the 6A all academic award which is having a 3.8 gpa as a team!!

leaving for a Cruise on Saturday to Haiti Jamaica and Cozumel

after turning in 13 dirty executives at my old job and them covering it up and firing me I decided to go back to school full-time for a new trade and ended up landing a huge executive management position and the same field that I''m going to school for and today is day one For full-time school and full-time job wish me luck!

went to Minnesota visiting a friend & now we've planned a trip to Maine with another friend in June. Traveling with friends is better than dating!

Fri was my 3 year ann at my job and that's a HUGE accomplishment for me! I'm 37 and before this the longest I was at a job was 1 yr 5 mo

my sister had twins on Wednesday

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Frankie and Jess

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