TEXT TOPIC: You are taking care of the kids, but your spouse isn't!

Hey guys, I’m a father of 3 adult kids now, can I just say.... I don’t effing get it!!?? I don’t understand guys that don’t help with their own kids, it’s called being a DAD! Makes me so crazy!

I can’t fathom these stories. I’m 37 and we have six kids. I have woken up in the middle of the night to change diapers or feed. I still wake up on time for work. My wife is a stay-at-home mom and kidnap but I still feel like it’s my responsibility to help. I enjoyed making the kids why not help raise them

Tell Mrs. X #2 that I’m in the same situation and have been for 10 years! My child no longer goes to her Dad’s. It is very sad, but the Dad chooses not to be a parent.

5 Kids, and Husband plays video games from the time he gets home from work to the time he goes to bed around midnight. Gave him an ultimatum and he begged for one last chance.

My spouse doesn't help out much with the kids but he recently has stepped up and has been making us dinner. Baby steps, right?

There's a reason he is an ex. He was the bad boy I fell for and now I am married to the sweetest man ever going on 6 years now.

My husband and his ex have 50/50 custody, but my husband is the one who get the haircuts, medical appointments, clothes when they need them, everything else they need. Mom works...nothing else

I went to store I left my son with my ex 2 week. old he was crying on the floor. Stinky diaper while he played on the ps3

I work 2 jobs 70+ hrs. a WK get home at 6 cook dinner help with homework then leave for my second job. He gets home at 4 opens a beer drinks until it’s gone and goes to bed. Wonders why I’m so ornery and biatch=

My ex would come home from work say he wrkd so hard and needed alone time n go 2 the basement while I had been w/2 kids all day & working myself

My ex and I worked opposite shifts, I would come home and our son was still in the crib covered with poop, not fed. He called me at work to tell me Ihad to leave work to go buy formula and take it home to feed our son.

My spouse won’t lift a finger for our kids. Won’t change diapers. Won’t buy them food when we’re out at restaurants. Says since he’s bringing in a majority of the money that’s as far as his fatherly and husband duties need to go. WTF??? When we’re out at restaurants he won’t buy kids meals for the kids. I have to find something my kids will eat then share my dinner with them while he feasts in his own dinner

My sister in law, her and her husband have 4 children and he brags about not waking up in the middle of the night to help out with feedings or changing of diapers when any of them were born.

My husband and I both work full time, he doesn’t understand that my job doesn’t end when I get home from "work". I still have to take care of our son. Hubs will help, but I feel like I’m constantly asking. I wish he’d take a little more initiative. -one tired momma

I've pretty much been a single mom for the last 4 yrs. while my husband struggles with mental health issues. It SUCKS. I do morning, lunches, dinner,

I can tell you what’s happening in Draper people are driving like selfish a-holes and causing accidents almost got T-boned by a guy who didn’t want to look at his blind spot

My hubby does NOTHING to help with kids. They are 16 and 13 and they now hate him. We've had fights over it. He now regrets it. Too late!

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