TEXT TOPIC: Who are you thankful for?

Thank you jess, I was pregnant the same time u were w/coop. My next pregnancy miscarried. until last year I couldn’t get pregnant Sharing your infertility helped me through.

I took my granddaughter who’s 7, her first concert. So much fun! &a wish I''d run into you. Love you!!

Thank you to my aunts. Always being good to my wife, daughter, & I. They also watch my daughter while I do homework #yourboyreggie

Thanks to my love for all the sex during the week!! Work for both of us if crazy! 7days straight! Yeah baby!!

I am thankful for YOU! My daughter won tickets to Kelly Clarkson from you at friendsgiving! It was AWESOME!

Thank you to all my parents who came to parent teacher conference yesterday. A classroom is more successful with involved parents!

I want to thank my mom Angie Silva for being SO SO SO supportive with my life journey! She is an amazing mom and I am so thankful that she's mine! (You can

I want to thank my in-laws for creating a fine ass hubby for me

Thankful for fiancé taking care of my kids as his own and being there every step of way dealing w/narcissistic crazy ex kids call him daddy luv him

Jess, did you love the concert last night?? It was So Fun!!

2018 was the hardest year in my entire life. I lost my best friend, my nephew passed away and I didn''t know how I was going to make it through. My boyfriend has been there for me every step of the way and he continues to stay with me through my hardest times. I am so thankful for him.

I want to say thank you to my family for helping with my 5month

Morning Jess, I just want to Thank your hubby Kevin. He has been amazing to work with and made selling my moms house go smoothly. Thanks Kevin. Rhonda

Thank you to my best friend Michelle for being such a beautiful woman inside and out. Friends for life I love you girl, always.

I want to thank my husband Ron for going to every doctor's appointment during our high risk pregnancy and going to the store to buy my food cravings.

I want to thank Davis, Stockton and Geddy for being my everything. I am a lucky momma! #BoyMom

I want to thank my husband for working so hard to take care of me and my two children. And also for always encouraging me to chase my dreams. You always support me in all that i do.

I wanna say thank you to all of you at Zht . Especially Frankie for sharing his little boy with us . You guys feel like family and always make my dayso much better . I love you guys

THANK U to my sister in law for giving me that push to FINALLY get help and being the only one who knew about my 8 year opioid addiction first day of treatment today

I want to say thank you to my mom for all she does. She's going through a divorce and is still going strong. She's everything I want to be and more.

I want to thank my dad for everything he’s done for me. I am extremely grateful for the person he is and how selfless he has been my entire life. I know he won’t hear this because he lives out of state, but I really hope I can repay him One day. I am in eternally grateful for his love!

Thank you anonymous that paid a years worth of my mother's rent while she battles round two with breast cancer. #angelsamongus

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to enjoy another year. I am 37 today #happybirthdaytome. I am also thankful that I found the ZHT morning show last year. You are awesome to listen to

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