TEXT TOPIC: Are you afraid you are about to lose your job?

every day I am nervous of losing my job, someone in our financial department said our company has so much debt and not sure how long we can sustain and they need to make cuts to try and get our head above water and I heard people have proposed others can do all our jobs cheaper

I’m a public historian and my contract runs out next month. They are not renewing it. I am out of a job and so screwed. I’ve been looking for other jobs out there but there is nothing here in my degree. In the mean time I’m scrambling to find a job in any field. I’m not above doing anything.

work for an up and coming car company that has been in the news for several large layoffs over the last few month. No job security

just destroyed a 2 million dollar boiler

afraid I am going to lose my job because I have been sleeping with my boss and some one walked in on us last week

Company is closing the salt lake office in 18 months. I only have 3 years to retirement. It sucks wanted to retire with this job

I take a lot of time off b/c I'm trying different depression meds w bad side effects. Worried it looks bad to management

I''m getting very stressed out at my job because my FML had ended for my daughter that has been getting sick off and on just Monday my oldest was sick and I had to miss half of the day she had strep throat then today my baby has been throwing up since 3 a.m. and I’m going to lose my job due to all these missed days of work but my family is more important but I’m also stressed out because I need to pay bills

I work for a government funded agency. With the current political climate, I am at risk of losing my job everyday. It’s scary but I’m staying positive and refuse the quit and leave my clients behind!

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