TEXT TOPIC: What weird smell do you like?

smell of horse manure


smells of Machine burned wood & blacksmithing coke burning in a forge

my wife loves to smell my armpits at end of day. Very uncomfortable for me. But i love her she pushed my kids out of her body so what the hell

smell of hose water

puppy breath


Newborn baby breath

The smell of the rodeo... The food, the dust, the animals, the sweat

smell of nail polish. I breathe deep when my wife paints her nails.

tire store

smell of jet fuel.

smell of a cigarette being lit by a zippo lighter, and I'm not even a smoker

smell of a freshly lite match

I like to smell the end of my jacket sleeve

Gold Dial Brand Soap

smell of exhaust

my brothers raced motorcycles when we were young so I love the combo smell of gas, dirt and hotdogsĀ 

hair dye

smell of the Lake stink.

smell of weed

my own farts smell

smell of my babies poop while they were nursing

asphalt, fireworks and old Ford exhaust/gas mixture.

smell of musty basements

new swamp cooler pads in the summer

Perm, hair dye and clove

dried drool

smell of a new home.

smell of HOME DEPOT

gun powder, right after a gun is fired


love the way Payless smells!!

smell of wet cement after rain

Smell of the dusty/dirt smell in the garage after it rains

wet dirt and oil.

first burn of the heater in the winter

used hockey gear.

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