TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

I'm an assistant to the department, not your own personal secretary. You can shred your own papers

Dear Utah Foster Care, Get your Shiz together. signed, Frustrated Foster parent

Divorce her skanky butt. Your wife has RUINED any relationship we have had with OUR father. Messed up! Put her in her place.

WITCH!!! I HATE YOU! GET OUT OF MY LIFE. YOU ARE A GOLD DIGGER. Guess what there is less money then you think.

stop pretending to be a good mom on FB. We all know you're a crappy mom

you questioning if I'm cheating daily makes me want to cheat, it had never crossed my mind but you're pushing me away

Dear husband, when you choose the Xbox over me you don't get sex. I'm a gamer too, but life comes first. Sort out your priorities

If you think someone looks horrible and smells bad at work, go tell her yourself. Stop whining to me about it telling me to take care of it! I''m not doing your it just because she''s my friend.

hubby I Need Some Lovin. I've hit my peak in my 30s if you don't give me some I will find it elsewhere. Can you say divorce cuz I'm no cheater?

stop coming into work everyday saying "im not feeling it" and wanting to go home early. You’re bringing everyone down. Get a new job negative nancy!!!

dear DCFS case worker. I know I have to do what you say but trust me when I say the truth will come out in court about all of your unethical behavior. Try actually looking out for the kids and not hooking it up with my ex. Total dumpster fire.

Thanks jerk, for nearly ruining my brand new book by dropping into a sink with water in the bottom. People should have more respect for other people''s property.

Eating chips in the office should be against the rules essentially when you're a big, loud dummy... eat your loud snacks in the break room

it''s really obvious that you favor my 30 YO sister that has always lived with you rent free, but paying for my wedding is out of the question. You could AT LEAST like my engagement post on Facebook

If you come into the break room and I have both ear buds in, don’t keep talking until I take them out, and then continue to talk when I put t them back in. I don’t want to entertain you.

To the Driver of the Blue Ford Pickup. Wait ur turn like every1 else. U jack wagon!

The fight happened in November, get over it. Move on and stop acting like you hate me. You said we were best friends but obviously we weren''t cause you don''t know how to forgive me.

I should have given you the option to leave a long time ago! My life is better with out you and I got the best part the child! Thx bye Felicia!!

If someone needs to get over into your lane because a Semi Truck is getting in their lane, the appropriate reaction isn’t to lay on your horn, but rather chill out and let them in like a decent human

hey white Honda accord A hole. The turn signal is to let the person behind you know that you’re turning. Don’t slam on your brakes turn and then turn on your signal, moron. You''re lucky i have good brakes

To my third grade student no you are not better than me stop rolling your eyes at me when I am having fun with the class you’ll be lucky to be as cool as me when you’re a adult

2 my old mgr who decided to fire my pregnant butt cuz I spoke my mind 3months prior glad u finally have 2 do ur job good not jus collecting commission-ps.still doing better than u

hubby simmer down. We may be exes but we are just friends.

I know you were in town yesterday you should have met me Your daughter is knocked up and disrespectful

I found other friends when you choose your boyfriend over everyone else

Glad you had kids so you could get a paycheck!! Don''t worry about getting a job ever! 12 years later!!! We will still keep taking care of you! It''s just sad you take the kids from their dad yet you still take him to court for more money! Sick and greedy!

I was only acting like gf/bf because I was following YOUR lead. Don't tell me you thought I wanted more without asking & assuming. I wanted to enjoy us.

Dude! Man up! You acted high on Sunday. Sick of you and your excuses.

dear ladies sending pics and vids of you and all your text contents you send to my man are you cheating. I hope your husbands and boyfriends approve of that.

I'm so glad you are my ex! I was so tired of how cheap you are and your train wreck ex wife! Good luck with your booty call girlie

passive aggressive tues. u were a CRAPPY friend too, don't act like u didn't stop talking to me because I had kids

You can have your opinion on Facebook but don't shame other people for theirs

if dad pulls his alimony from Mom it is ok YOU AND YOUR WITCH WIFE

Hey Dr H. You can only break the law for so long. You've been reported watch out for the fbi.

hey RayRay, teaching your tweens to be hollier than Thou mean girls isn't doing them any favors.

you claim to be best friend soul mates but you stole my stuff and sold it. There goes 11,000$

to my father in law stop trying to control all your kids they are all 32 and older

To my coworker, when customers walk into our store please treat them like you give a dang about them instead of making me do all the work. Hope you take your crappy attitude and quit!!

I'm a teacher, not a babysitter. Please don't think you can drop off your children early or be late to pick them up....

your not my boss. Know your wage and stop trying to micro manage me.

Stop saying you're the office manager when you don't do any work and you hardly are in the office. #MillenialsWorkHarder

people turn your car lights on when dark ! I want to feel safe !! You can cause a freaking accident !!

How about you don't give parenting advice when you're not a good parent yourself. Mind your own business and just get out of mine.

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