TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

My husband has a twin and to be honest I get EXCITED every time he comes around I want to just BANG the both of them at the same time.

My dirty lil secret is that I have been cheating on my spouse. I love my spouse, but this other person is next level. I can't help myself

Made out with four of your friends to get back at your for ghosting me. P.S. Love Wayne's laugh!!

Secretly a huge Disney fan. 25 yrs old man and meat head. I have 10 Disney apps I check on the regular. Dam mouse got my heart.

My life has been nothing but heart break and disappointment recently, I have been very depressed and suicidal (yes I''m in therapy don''t worry) but I''m just done and need a change, so I''m looking at moving to Alaska, but all my family is here

I make it seem like I don't, but I hate my two guy friends wives.

My husband paid off all our credit card debt in October and I am already up to $1400 in debt again....I am a terrible wife!

I got Pregnant on purpose. Still haven't told my husband and our oldest is almost 6 now!

work at a pool and there r days we hope the chlorine goes out just so we can stick it to the evil ass old ppl—like it did the other day lol

occasionally cheat on my husband by having sex with one of my high school friends. He's always "tired" so I look for my sex fix somewhere else.

sometimes take days off of work without telling my husband and kids so I have time without them

I sext my coworker all the time, I have him send me pics from under his desk and it gets pretty hot - his Gf works 30 feet from him

had sex with a man on the very first date.

cheated on my wife and now I think of the other woman while my wife and and getting on

just got out of a serious relationship he was the only guy I was intimate with. Met a guy online and had phone sex with him first time I've ever done that

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