TEXT TOPIC: What did you do that was out of character?

yelled at an old lady. She was freaking out as I was backing up. I have a backup camera. Mind ur bidness!!

had sex with a man on the very first date.

demoted myself at work Need to because I am leaving to do my own thing Didn't want them to be left hanging

I’m always respectful of girls. Walk them to the door but never expect to be invited in. Last 1st date got invited in. Couple hours later, we were getting it in. I have NEVER done that and will never again felt too guilty

ate a whole chocolate bar.... That was an edible. Haven't done drugs since college.

I am an extremely loyal person to a fault and I finally cut off my toxic family.

Just got out of a serious relationship he was the only guy I was intimate with. Met a guy online and had phone sex with him first time I've ever done that

used to be crazy about not spending money. Getting divorced. Just blew 3k traveling

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