TEXT TOPIC: Is someone pocketing you or are you pocking someone?

pocketed a boyfriend because I knew my grandma would be racist towards him

I was pocketed all the time in high school. I wasn’t cool, I was a nerd so people didn’t want to show others they were hanging out with me but I’m Asian and they wanted to fulfill their secret Asian fetish.

husband pocketed me for about 9 months. He met my family and I’d met his friends but he would not allow me to meet his family. Finally I stood my ground and I said I’m meeting your family because it was upsetting me and now we are married

I was pocketed by a guy for the last two years, I read the Rachel Holis chapter and bawled through the whole thing. She was explaining my story. I ended things right after. I’ve been going strong for three weeks. It’s been hell, but I deserved better.

use to get pocketed by every LDS guys I dated.... Guess I didn't count because I was Catholic.

have been with my boyfriend for a little over 3 years and still haven''t met his "best" friends. I need to read that book so I can have courage to leave to!

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