TEXT TOPIC: What nice thing did a stranger do for you?

During blizzard was worried about gettin kids out of car didn't shut door. Had dinner, came back and someone shut it with note that said shut it

At a DACA info meeting last year a stranger offered to pay all of my husbands immigration/attorney fees! We couldn’t afford it at the time. As of last week he is now a US resident after 17 yrs!!

was in a car accident last week, a car not involved saw the whole thing and stuck around to make sure me and my baby were taken care of. If she’s a listener: THANK YOU!

My 2 brothers and fianc had all just been sent to jail and my dad had just been diagnosed with cancer. I had 5 bucks left till payday and was in a horrible mental place. I stopped for coffee and a man bought it for me. It was a cup of coffee to me but it changed my world. I knew everything would be just fine. Meant the world to me.

a stranger once gave me a brand new keirug coffee maker in the parking lot of Sam''s club. He was there buying like 20 and loading them in his car and gave me one. It was right before Christmas and so kind

unexpectedly had to buy 4 new tires even though money was tight. I cried in the lobby. Turns out a woman there saw how distraught I was and paid for them! Kindest act ever!

A lady saved me from potentially getting kidnapped. I was a teen and my car ran out of gas. she could see that someone was following me.

When i got to the gas station, she pulled next to me and let me know what was going on. She waited with me until I filled my tank and was back in my car. She potentially saved my life. It was about 15yrs ago and I still think about her.

I was at the store with my son and my twins when they were babies and i go to check out and it was a little more than i thought and this lady behind me asked if she could please pay for my groceries because she said she had so much money she didn’t know what to do with and it would make her feel good to help someone. We both just cried and it helped more than she would ever know.

When I was 16 I worked at the cottonwood mall. I missed my bus one day and was sitting on the curb probably looking stressed out. A random guy walked up and handed me a rose and said cheer up! It was a kind surprising gesture!

Last week there was a day that was super windy and I happened to be wearing a dress. I had to run some errands and when I came out of the store the wind kept threatening to blow my dress over my head. I got to my car and started putting things in the back, awkwardly trying to hold my dress in-between my knees, in a semi-squat position. As I finished up, a kind stranger walked by, saw my awkward stance and offered to take my cart back for me! I was SO grateful to not have to take the extra steps in the wind while trying to hold my dress down!! Thank you, whoever you are!!

was checking out at Harmons and this guy in front of me was teasing me about buying his groceries and I said oh I was just going to say you should but mine = and he totally did! I was so shocked and said I was kidding and he said I’m buying your groceries just pass it on one day for me. Totally bawled my eyes out in my car after.

Was going to buy flowers for my mom@ Casco from my dad for there anniversary . He had ALS & could not go. Took his card & did not know you could not use someone else card. Guy in front bought the flowers for me to give to my dad.

a year and a half ago my husband was run over by a car. He was in the hospital for a month! Let me tell you, friends that I haven’t seen since Jr high helped pay for plumbing problems, paid for me to have a massage, people watched my granddaughter for me, whom I''m raising, gave me cash, my church helped pay a lot of my bills, people brought food, left it on our doorsteps-never found out who it was, that happened more than once!! People can truly be amazing!! people built him a wheel chair ramp so he could come home in one night!!

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