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Left my old job of 7 years, and starting a new adventure.

I'm going to Florida on FRIDAY with a group of 18, including 2 other teachers that I work with. (4 teachers in total are going. We need the break!)

work as a delivery driver, and this week I moved into a new route that came with a better truck and a raise. Super stoked!

the shutdown is over and we finally get paid a month back pay YAY (let''s hope it''s not a repeat in 3 weeks)

applied to a very competitive doctorate program. I'm interviewing for it this Saturday (only 24 people interview)

bought a brand new car and love it

Last week of teaching before maternity leave

just applied to several nurse practitioner schools, bring on the next adventure

My husband will be done with hvac school in 2 months and he starts a new job TODAY!

husband left. Left me with all the bills and debt. My amazing family has been pitching in and they all contributed enough for my bills. I'm blessed.

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