TEXT TOPIC: Are you feeling left out right now?

I feel left out amongst my coworkers and boss. They get invited to all my bosses parties but because I am LDS and have a newborn baby I never get an invite.

I'm 23. Had 1st child at 16, 2nd at 18. My time is consumed working & being mommy. I feel left out with everything a normal 23 y/o does

Recently transferred into a new department at work but haven’t really broken into that group-don’t know if I ever will. Don’t fit into my old dept either! Just feel really out of place in both worlds.

I feel left out all the time because my coworkers hang out almost every day and put it on snap chat, but I''m never invited. I think its because I''m a mom but come on, I don''t have my son on the weekends!

Feeling left out... Have been alienated by a vindictive ex wife and left out of multiple life events and erased from my kids lives. Currently on a plane headed to the Dr Phil show to appear as a guest to hopefully reunite with my children. No fun feeling left out. Fingers crossed that Dr Phil can help.

I started a new job last month and it''s very different. I take pride in my work but because of the learning curve, I''m constantly feeling left out.I hate being "the new one"

feel left out every time I go over to my boyfriend’s Parents house. They always speak Spanish And the most I know of Spanish is what I learned 5 years ago in my high school Spanish class Yet they always wonder why I don’t interact

my wife is feeling left out about having a baby. Been trying for 3 years. 3 failed IUI''s, have to save up money for IVF, and it feels like everyone around us and their dogs are having a baby.

feel left out, I am the only one out of my friends without a spouse and kids

I was the first of my friend group to get married. As soon as I was engaged they stopped inviting me to anything because they thought I’d rather be with my fiance. I tried to push it a couple times, but eventually gave up. Now a few of them are married and they still get together without ever inviting me.

feel left out because I'm 27 and LITERALLY the only one of my friends or people I know that doesn't have any kids and/or a significant other

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