TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! Who do you want to thank?

want to thank the Intermountain life flight crew! They transported my 18 month old after he fractured his entire skull from falling six feet a little under five years ago. They kept me calm, saved my baby and even had to clean up an extraordinary amount of vomit out of their helicopter. They are amazing!

want to thank my husband for being totally cool with me going on an extended girls weekend to Moab love you babe!

grateful for modern medicine. Wife losing consciousness sometimes multiple times daily last year. Finally got a diagnosis and working treatment plan! :)

thank you To my mom! My husband and I both work full-time so she watches are two young boys for us over 40 hours a week, she's amazing!

Please say thank you to my momma, Kellie. She is a legit angel from god. Thank you for loving me and mine and being an amazing role model for me. I wish I was as strong and hard working as you.

I'd like to give a shout out to these companies that have provided food and lunches to the TSA, FAA and CBP at the airport to help during the gvt shutdown

SHOUT OUT TO MY MAMA!!! I love you and thank you for everything!!!

Thankful to my sweet hubby for being so helpful with our newborn!

Pats BBQ/mayors office/Squatters/HMS Host/Gordon Biersch/Delta/SLC airport/Salsa Del Diablo/Fruit Guys and Utah Food bank THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to the slow plow drivers!! My husband is 1. Worked 13hours on Monday his "day off" they work so hard no matter what day or time

Thankful for my honey he works full-time and comes home to take care of our 4 kids so I can study and do homework.

thank you to my hubby for being my mechanic, repair man, plumber, electrician, honey do, go to, and support system with my little business. I don''t say it enough and I couldn’t do it without out. Love you, Sugar.

I want to say thank you to my mom for all the trials growing up. She has taught me a lot and it helped shape who I am today. I love you

Absolutely thankful for my husband who works long hours through the night to plow our roads To keep us all safe. people please stop complaining about the plow trucks they''re here to keep you safe so just slow down

want to thank my amazing husband! We are building our dream

Thank you to the super sexy urgent care doctor that hooked me up with meds for my bronchitis. I already feel so much better

want to thank my mother for being such a great single mother of 6 kids and showing me that as a women i can gain to be a strong individual and never take no for an answer!! Id like to thank my wonderful husband for being at my side through thick and thin. Id like to thank my 11,10,9,and 8 year old as well as my 2 yr old for giving me the joy of being a mother and watching them become great kids and making me proud! Id like to thank irs and and utah employees for accepting my taxes =and the hard workers clearing the roads for use and thankful for zht love u guys and keep making me laugh

Thanks to my irreplaceable mom. She was only 1 in my family, after my dad passed away to support my dream to study abroad (BYU Idaho) When nobody else did

ThankU to my fiance.He works his butt off so I can be home with the lil ones. Hes a great dad,step dad, grandpa and partner. LoveU Special K

I'm thankful for my sweet kids who give me purpose!!

want to thank my amazing dad for being the best person in my life. He taught me everything I know and I would not be where I am without him. I know he won''t hear this because he lives in Florida but I just want him to know that I am eternally grateful for him!

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