TEXT TOPIC: Do you like your ex's family better than your spouses family?

I LOVED my exs mom, She treated me like a daughter from day 1,My MIL has always been cold and unwelcoming, wish I could keep the hubby and switch MILs

all of my ex s families loved me and were heartbroken when the relationships ended...then I married a man whose family all hate me.

my current mil is insane and fil just was arrested for murder. My ex in laws I got along great with. Was super close with my ex mil

My current mother in law keeps me out of photos with my wife and child, my ex's mother still comes for thanksgiving and Christmas with my family

friend post a pic hanging out w my x's family. Instantly jealous. didn't realize much I miss love them. Been depressed 4 a Few day. Over 20 yr ago

it's not that I don't love my wife's family now cuz I do it's just there's so much drama versus my ex-wife's family no drama always fun to be around

my ex''s family is tight knit and always support each other and me. Super nice. My current M.I.L. Is Condescending and fake. Nothing I do is right and she’s always telling me that my therapist isn’t doing a good job and she knows because she’s been in therapy before. Stay in your lane Linda.

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