TEXT TOPIC: What did a little kid say to make you feel like crap?

my little grabbed my grandmas neck skin under chin and said "gobble gobble"... poor grandma had her mini facelift scheduled the next week.

my daughter was freaking out about a piece of hair and I told her that she had a full head of hair and she told me that I have a full head of bald

Little neighbor kid told me my truck was a piece of crap. It is but c'mon, easy buddy.

use to work at an elementary school. I was wearing a dress one day that was a little tight and had just eaten lunch. And this 1st grader looked at me and asked if I had a baby in my tummy. Yeah no baby I must just be fat.

My 6 year old niece told me my belly looks like I''m going to have another baby. My baby was 2 months old at the time. Not pregnant, just fat.

Friends daughter said I was fat & her mom was skinny. Later told me she wanted me to be her mom. I told her I’d rather cut off my arm than be her mom. = Sorry not sorry

my nephew was about 3-4 yrs old and asked my mom why her teeth were yellow compared to everyone else. It’s not like my mom doesn’t take care of her teeth it''s just that way.

6 year old: "Are you having a baby? Because when girls look like you, that means they're having a baby." Def not pregnant...

Upon meeting my fianc's 6y/o daughter for the first time "Are you gonna sleep with my mom?"

My son made a Mother''s Day present in school in the fourth grade. And in the the card he gave me he wrote that one of the reasons he loves me is because I''m meaner to his brother that him. Yeah winning mom moment!!

teaching swim lessons a lil girl says" you look EXACTLY like my ballet teacher but she’s more healthy. I wish you were more healthy. You're squishy.

I was doing my 4 year old daughter’s hair for school. She looked at me through the mirror and said "Mom you must weigh about 200 or 3000 pounds right" @ I''m 140

trying to build a track for my son he called me a dumb as* and I'm a bad dad broke my heart

originally happened in Chinese: asked a friend's little girl "what's my name?" She replied with "Da pang zi" meaning "Big Fat One"

I thought my 5 yr old was going to be sweet when he placed his tiny hand on my face but then he said mommy you have zits all over your face damn adult acne

my 4 year old daughter told me, "Dad, you need to shrink your belly!" Was the wake up call I needed to drop some weight.

1/2 my face was paralyzed due to bells palsy in 2002 it''s subtle, but still noticeable especially if I''m tired and/or stressed. Working fine dining Christmas Eve 6ish years ago, filling the water glasses at a family''s table, kiddo straight up asks "what''s wrong with your face? Why does it look like that"

Little cousin was like 5, said 'you're the fattest person I have ever seen' like I'm not even that fat but ok. He's much older now and still an a hole lol

took my 6 year old niece shopping. A lady said she looked like me. I told her and she says "Ew I dont want to look like you

my daughters 11 and 10 straight out told me i was fat lol i had a baby in 2016 and gained weight...geee thanks kids not to mention when where out and my big hips accidentally bumps them they say god mom move your big butt hahha kids!!!

My son was potty training, says- mom you have train tracks on your forehead. Now sport bangs.

I picked my 5 year old up from daycare and a little girl asked me why I looked pregnant... I'm not. My youngest is 20 months...

my niece said "why is your tummy so big?" Ouch

my daughter says to my friend you're not as skinny as my mom and she's not that skinny..... girl I'm a size 3 I'm skinny

my niece came up to me and said, whoa Mia! Your butt is like way bigger than my moms! The next day I went to the gym.

My youngest daughter used to smack my butt, I don''t know why but she enjoyed it. She would spank it, laugh, and say look at it jiggle, you have a fat jiggly butt Mom! Thanks.

My 4 year old stuck her finger in my belly button while we were showering and she said is your belly button deep because you''re so fat? I weight 130lbs.

I was primary sitting with one of the classes. The 4year old girl sitting next to me said, "did you know skinny is the opposite of fat?" I said...yes. She was quiet for a second then said, "you''re not skinny" SAVAGE!

5 yr old niece came up to me & said wait I thought you had your baby I was 2 weeks pp #ouch

my 5yo said my butt is squishy...and my arms...and everything else too. I'm very squishy. Thanks jerk. It's your fault!

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