TEXT TOPIC: Did other people go on your honeymoon with you and your spouse?

My dad went on my honeymoon bc it was his bucket list to go to Galapagos. He turned 80yo in Galapagos. He's near-deaf and sleeps like a rock!

my in laws went with us on our honeymoon , we went to California but we went before we got married and they did pay for it haha . It was fun though ,no fighting which was good

on our honeymoon we went to my in laws in Cali and stayed with them. Spent our time deswamping the pool. My bro in law finally was like you are by the beach you should go there. Then my parents came and stayed and we went to Disney with all my sisters. FYI I''m lds and so everything about this was a "first" so super awkward. Lol btw we''ve been married 20 years this year.

sister and bro in law crashed our evening after the wedding. We drove my car to our apartment to spend the night before leaving to California and they brought my husbands car back to the apartment, came in, and proceeded to hang out for the next few hours. Um...get out we want to get it on!

took my home healthcare nurse on the honeymoon, because my wife was not yet trained in any of my paralysis routine things. It was quite strange having additional assistance getting undressed for "the night" or even changed during the week, But in the end my nurse loved the additional vacation

stayed with my aunt in Hawaii at the same time as her in laws & newlywed sis in law. We ended up sleeping on the bottom bunk in a room with her 3 boys!

coworker went to Cali on his honeymoon, which is where his new bro in law lives. Bro showed up to Disneyland everyday, which is weird enough but he also left his own wife at home

destination wedding. My in laws tried to stay with us the whole honeymoon. My husband didn't have a problem with it but I put a stop to it real quick.

my ex and her new spouse took her GRANDPA on their honeymoon. Who does that?

my best friend went on an Alaskan cruise and everyone was invited to go. Her mom went her maid of honor aunts and uncles. It was crazy.

my grandparents went on the honeymoon with my parents. My grandmother also picked out the lingerie for my mom and dad''s wedding night, she got matching lingerie to wear for grandpa.

went to Cabo on my honeymoon... no worries my IN LAWS had planned their trip there at the same time. #awkward

When my mom and Dad got married they went on a ski trip for their honeymoon and my mom''s sister and her husband joined them on their honeymoon ski trip! So weird

On our honeymoon our daughter was three we took her and we took both of our cats stayed at Wolf Creek condos had a great time and the cats had fun too

my in-laws went on our honeymoon cruise. In fact they've gone on all of our trips. My hubby and I have never been on a trip by ourselves

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