Frankie's Wheel of Fortune confession

Watched Wheel of Fortune, at my ma’s, earlier. I’ve never been able to beat her solving the puzzles. Except for a short period when I was about 12. I’d go into my room at 7p, turn my 13 inch B&W TV onto Wheel of Fortune outta the Toledo affiliate. The same episode would immediately air on Detroit’s affiliate (WDIV) at 7:30p! There wasn’t a puzzle I DIDN’T solve... for a good year! My ma thought I got really good. Nope. Just cheated. I came clean outta guilt. 

I didn’t get this one, btw. Where’s Toledo when you need em!? My ma got it - “Pack The Binoculars” #IdLikeToSolveThePuzzlePat #CheatinMofo

Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

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