TEXT TOPIC: When did your phone or computer embarrass you?

was in church and someone called me. My ring tone was AC/DC Highway to hell! Luckily everyone got a good laugh

Great Grandma's funeral. Uncle giving the family prayer had his phone ring, Yankee Doodle Dandy was his ringtone. Took forever to find it in his pocket.

my brother put a new ringtone on my moms phone. She was sitting in church and her phone rang loudly (she''s deaf in one ear) playing Afternoon Delight. She couldn''t turn it off fast enough.

Phone went off during an LDS temple sealing, which is considered a very sacred thing. NOT my phone, btw! Ringtone was "I''m a Barbie Girl." Trust me, no one as ever seen a bride throw such a glare on her wedding day! Lol it was terrible!

yrs ago we were in Carthage, IL visiting a church history location and during video of Joseph Smith martyrdom moment of silence, I got a text/email.My ring tone was "Silence I Keep you" from Jeff Dunham''s character Achmed the Dead Terrorist. My wife was ready to "Keel" me!!

My bff changed my name in my phone to "bitch" so that Siri will call me that. Phone was in my back pocket at Mormon boyfriends parents house and I sat on the home button. Siri says "sorry bitch I don''t know what you said"

at work each of us has 2 26 in monitors. I was looking to buy my son a mini-bike for Christmas. They used to be called a pocket rocket. Well I googled pocket rocket, a bunch of images came up of lady toys and my computer froze.

My phone didn''t burn me but a FEMALE coworker during a meeting she was leading. It started ringing "I like big butts and I cannot lie" bahaha best meeting ever. -Kendra from CO

I was in a serious meeting at work and my ringtone is Cardi B Bodak Yellow. Of course I forgot to turn the volume down...all of a sudden...You can''tF$## with me if you wanted to these expensive these is red bottoms these are bloody shoes...yes oops

Sitting at a probate hearing and my dad who was sitting next to me somehow butt dialed me and his ringtone on my phone loudly says "your annoying dad is calling to complain"

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