TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

Thanks mother-in-law for putting words in my mouth about my wife saying I’m not OK with her talking to someone she cuts her with that’s a guy. Thank you sister-in-law for saying that she talks to every guy in town. You guys are on thin ice

to the wife. I work full time, go to school full tone, spend every weekend cleaning and doing laundry and spend my nights doing homework. Stop making unilateral decisions without me and STOP treating me like one of the kids. Thanks.

you say you deserve a raise but are the WORST worker. I just found out you haven't been licensed since you started. Big deal/illegal. You're fired

Garrett keep your trouser snake to your wife you tried to get in my pants and tried to ruin my relationship

hey company I just got a job with in downtown slc I see your books and the random 1-2 million dollar fundings we get for losing money. Who are we laundering money for?

Dear male coworkers: if you get pee on the toilet seat, wipe it off!! Who raised you??

I swear if you use MY dishes again and don't FREAKING wash them after you're done I'm gonna kick your ass! Grow up! You're a freaking adult!

Hey boss asking me to be the supervisor on days without giving me the title or pay is lame I'm going to a diff company thanks next

to all my employees yesterday that suddenly got "sick" the day of the biggest snow storm... I'm not dumb!

I want to believe your apology is sincere but actions speak louder than words. Woman up and stop the drama.

I’m sick and tired of everyone in the United States blaming just the president for the shut down the democrats are just as guilty because of that person that leads them so blame your whole government not just one man

spend time with your child! It''s sad when you dump him off at the grandparents house every weekend , every holiday. Kids are intuitive and know when they aren''t wanted. Just because your husband doesn''t want to be around him , doesn''t mean you need to be like that too. Be a mom!

don't think I don't see your dirty looks when the school called me too get my Child he was sick and couldn't be there, wtf do you want me too do?

although you may not know this, your family has your back! She has isolated you from all of us, she has emotionally abused you for decades, you are shown no respect, by her or your kids! Leave her controlling ass and start healing! We love you, we don''t care what''s happened in the past, we want to see you happy!!!!!

just remember ~ you'll never make yourself look good, by trying to make someone else look bad..

Don't tell me how to live my life. Stop going out of your way to tell my husband and marriage therapist that we would not have any problems if I didn't work

I don't know how this relationship will work if I'm always number 5 on your priority list.

Hey perfect parent! If I wanna go on a weekend getaway with just my hubby it's fine. I don't need to explain or check w/you on where our daughter will be.

Dear coworker, I don't know how you call in sick 10+ times in 3 weeks and leave your desk for over 30 minutes multiple times a day and still have a job

we are getting a divorce because you are an angry abusive person and I've had enough. Plenty of other fish in the sea. Thank u, next.

How can you afford $200 a month for your daughters dance classes? We know you have a payday loan place calling the office every day trying to collect money from you.

Hey Girl, a boyfriend doesn't mean happiness. Sad how you find purpose in life only if you have a boyfriend or should I say show pony.

you're stupid for banging your co worker. It's going to bite you in the ass

Baby Daddy, I waited 5 years for you to get your life together and be a dad. Now you finally want me and our daughter because I got married.

Coworker: stop touching my hair, trying to hug me, and trying to be my bff. You annoying the shiz out of me. Go away.

parents! If you're prom/sweethearts shopping, stop being mad about a busy store! You're not the only 1 with the idea to shop on Saturday!

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