TEXT TOPIC: Was someone you love missing but ended up okay?

my neighbor couldn’t find her little girl. She was looking frantically but no luck. They called police to report her missing. police came to get pictures of her and the mom was really upset and went in the laundry room and she was hiding in the dryer.

I went missing when I was 3, they looked everywhere ... I was w/my dog in her doghouse

husband. 1 wk before our wedding made him go take last min invites to his family. It was a weeknight and he left at 5pm. Wouldn''t answer his phone it was 1am when I started freaking out I drove up to his aunts 40 mins away and his car was there. He had left his phone in his car

when my son was about 6 I had put him to bed then I got in the shower around 9. I get out and check on him and he was missing. I was looking for an hour. He decided it was time to play basketball at a neighbors house down the street.

one night I was doing the mom thing. My husband was at work. I noticed the front door was unlocked. I panicked because I know I locked it. I got in my car looking for my daughter who I found a couple blocks away running away with a huge tote. Lol! Her friends were helping her. She was like 9! She was headed to Grandmas. Scared me to death! She was a troubled kid..still is.

my 4yr old son. Vanished. Yelling for him all over the house and neighborhood. Called police. Found him asleep under his bed clear in the corner.

my little brother We were searching everywhere for him Just when we were going to call 911 we heard him screaming. He was stuck in a tree had to call 911 anyways

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