TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday!

My nephew lost his Best friend over the holidays to suicide he was 14. I want to thank all my nephews friends who comforted him s

Want to thank my older sister, since our parents passed away she took care of me and raised me. I recently lost my leg in motorcycle accident. She''sbeen here no matter what. Ryan loves :'')u forever Bribri.

IWantToThankYouGuys. I travelForWorkAndListenWhenGone. In2018 I hadAnIncidentHappen and your show got me through love fr/3kmilesAway

I want say thanks to you guys at ZHT. You guys have been my go to show to listen to all morning. I work landscape and will put in headphones to listen to you guys

thank you to my husband. He Is deployed. We have 3 kids & we miss him like crazy but I cant imagine how it is for him being away from all of us

I want to thank my in-laws for creating a fine ass hubby for me

thanks to my mom. She watches my little baby every Tuesday and Thursday so I can work even though I don''t need to. I just need a little time to myself so I can be a better mom! Thanks mom!

I''m thankful to McKay Dee''s NICU staff. Having my son in the NICU instead of home with us and you all helped make it okay. You were a shoulder to cryon and cheerleader for my little boy. Now he''s home, strong, and healthy because of all of you

I wanna say thank you to my MOM! She''s always there for me and my kids and she''s my best friend. I don''t know what I''m gonna do when she moves out of state next year. :(

Thank you for thanking the plow drivers!! My husband is a plow driver. He works a normal 8 hour shift and when the snow comes he is sometimes out allnight and has missed Christmas mornings. They work so hard!!    

thanks to my friend Jay for staying home w my sick daughter so I wouldn't have to take off work. Single mom, it means a lot.

I want to thank my boyfriend Matt. I''ve been through a lot and he''s been nothing but patient and understanding and a wonderful support keeping me strong for my mom        

Thankful for women's shelter and doctor for helping my kids and I get out of an abusive relationship with their father

shoutout to the snow plow drivers keeping our roads and families safe! Thank you!!

I want to say Thank you to my husband’s boss who helped us get my husband into rehab when he was at his lowest, and my family and friends who have been my help while he is there!!

I''d like to thank my wonderful hubby (Jeff) for putting up with me everyday, even at times when I can''t put up with myself. He supports my decisionof being in school and working full time, taking care of our 2 yr old and not batting an eye. He''s the best!!

I want to thank my friend Ronto, he is always there to be real with me, even though he knows I''m still going to go out and set myself up for heartbreak, and is always there to catch me after. I know it can''t be easy to be friends with my stubborn self

I''m thankful for my boyfriend Jason, who took me to Vegas and ahelicopter ride for my birthday ''d

I''m thankful to McKay Dee''s NICU staff. Having my son in the NICU instead of home with us was one of the hardest things I''ve had to go through, but you all helped make it okay. You were a shoulder to cry on and cheerleader for my little boy. Now he''s home, strong, and healthy because of all of you

my mom had to do some explaining after I told my daycare workers that my mom and dad hit each other all the time. They would have tickle fights and "play wrestle" all the time. I was 3 and apparently didn''t know the difference. #sorrymom

I want to tell my hubby (Chris best) thank you for all of your sacrifice and hard work you do for our family always putting us first. We love you!!

thank u to my best friend. She let us do laundry & let my kids use her bathtub when our water was off due to a septic tank issue at home. Ew!

I would like the thank the morning peeps for always making my morning! I''m always looking forward to hearing you guys every morning! I love how you guys laugh and it make me laugh! Thank you guys so much!!!

Thank you to my husband Barry! He is the best dad and husband out there. He works his butt off day in and day out and because of that I am able to stay home with my 4 kids!

My husband Chase. I'm so thankful for you and your...smile ;)

wanted to thank my amazing husband. He has been willing to go to counseling and really work on strengthening our marriage by working on our communication skills. It hasn''t been easy but I can see us growing closer together. I love you!

I recently got engaged and I''m so thankful for my fianc Christain. He has the kindest heart and is always there to pick up when I''m down and makesme laugh consistently. My life is brighter with him and I can''t wait to marry him.

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