TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that is locked up?

my sons birth mom. In and out of jail since he was born, he turns 3 years old next month! Currently serving a year sentence.

my nephew is in prison for life. He was only 17 when he went in and he is 26 now. He murdered a friend b/c he was going to snitch about another crime they did

My son's dad... We weren't together when this happened and it's crazy embarrassing. Google Magna man steals dump truck

my uncle has been in prison twice for enticing a minor over the internet. Free now and Im the bad one in the family for not wanting him around my children. Go figure

my wife spent a month in jail for getting caught shoplifting three different times

have one uncle in for child molesting, and another aunt and uncle in and out often for drugs/fraud/stealing

my deadbeat 48 yr old brother ... in and out every year since 2004

google inmate escapes in tooele -that's my uncle. In &out for the last 2yrs Went off the deep-end prior to this had a wife and kids.@gunnison priz for 5-10

My Aunt, after years of being abused by her boyfriend she napped and killed him. Cut his body into pieces and burned it. Never found trace of his body. She is in prison obviously!

My 6 kids dad is now a resident at the point of the mtn. For 5 years.drugs, stealing, and non payment of child support he owes over 50k

1 sister is in and out of jail for drugs, 1 sister is in prison for tempted murder, 1 brother in prison for drugs. I come from good stock.

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