TEXT TOPIC: Do you trade sex for stuff you want but can't afford?

my friend tyler is going to trade sex this weekend for a place to stay in Seattle this weekend! Hahahaha

my son while attending a University was failing a class. I went to speak with the professor. And to up the grades I went down on the professor. Plot twist. We’re both milfs and my son passed

traded sex with the manager at a fast food place. I didn’t have enough for my cash one day and she told me I can make it up with her every night after work for 2 months. Best trade ever. She’s divorced now

Traded it for trips, cash, vehicle. Somewhat my sugar daddy ha. He was 19 years older. But attractive! Lol

my sister. Anything for the expensive things. Nails done, Louie Vuitton bag, MK watches , you name it

Im a male, I had a female roommate who had a hard time paying rent so we had an agreement... few times a month to cover her half... now she''s a cam girl

trips. She would fly me out all expenses paid. NYC, Jacksonville, Keys, Houston, etc

took care of a delta employee so she would put me on her flight benefits

worked with a lady in her 50''s and she was single. She traded all things she couldn’t do herself for sex trade. She had a mechanic, handyman and a masseuse on rotation. Her house was nice!!! Word got out, and next thing you know all these males at our job started helping her. She invested some of that money and got a set of Double D''s

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