TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

lazy coworkers ur why they are doing surprise evaluations. Pull your heads out our Job is not hard. Thanks for screwing me out of an extra $50 on Saturday

To the black suv who swerved behind me instead of stopping so you could blow through a RED light on State and 1700 S. What were you thinking?

rebuttal from last week: it''s not that you''re holding me accountable, it''s that you make me feel like crap when you do it. I know I made a mistake. That''s hard enough without you rubbing it in.

I have been a paying customer for over five years. You are so freaking rude to me. Stop being an a hole and stop taking it out on my kid your hatred towards me

Your husband shouldn't have to tell you to take a shower

Thank you neighbor for putting your chirping fire alarm on your back patio so we all can enjoy the noise for the last FOUR days!

i love you guys since I gave birth to you, but geez stop making us late everywhere because of your tantrums

you are always the problem half of all drama in the office! You make it impossible to report problems since YOU are HR! We are forced to bother the bosses! Grow up and be a professional!

They have cheated not once, not twice, but 3 times.. they will again. They only stopped because they got caught. Cheating is cheating... the intent is there... you deserve more!

to my 14 yr old niece, you want to sit with the adults but can't handle our conversations. GET UP & LEAVE if you're so offended, instead you stay & cry

dont take yourself so seriously, you know nobody else does

have been at my job for 12 years and have never had a raise. The office manager is always saying how great of a boss we have and how he gives us so much.... hmm....really??

stop using my mother's illness to get attention DAD. Everyone can see through your bullshit!

Suzie glad to see you go, can't wait til corporate sees first hand how LAZY YOU ARE, and just what a piece of crap you are. #thankyounext

dear wife, if u think not giving me ANY is going to solve anything, ur wrong honey there is many more willing to.... love ya!

You say that we should try for a baby, but you only want to have sex once or twice a month.... news flash, probably not going to happen. Love your baby

girls at work, not even 30 yet, no kids, but yes tell me about how taking care of your dog is EXACTLY like taking care of a kid.

If we had somewhere to go, me and the kids would be gone.

kids. If you want pets u need to step up ur game and start helping take care of them. We are over cleaning up their messes when you are the ones who said you would do it

I am tired of picking up your slack are work. Deal with the pay or find another job.

just because you had 3 kids with your ex, then we had 2 dosen''t mean we couldn''t have 3! I had 1 with my ex and I always wanted 4kids but I had to get my tubes tied &9

you stupid hoe just cause you cant be happy in your marriage stay the hell out of my wife's head by feeding her your insecurities and ruing my life.

Dude f you I just worked a 15 hour shift on 3 hours of sleep. You can wait till I get into work

you wanted your kids 50% of time. Be a real dad, help w/homework, get them to practices & games & your head out of your sugar mommas ass!

I know you won't hear this cuz you never get out of bed but your contract is over. He doesn't love u

that was me honking at you in your pink Cadillac.. you DID NOT YIELD TO ON COMING TRAFFIC! if done your job and yielded I wouldn't have honked Haha!

I won't have sex with you because you repulse me. I only keep you around to help pay for my student loans.

quit saying that you like sex and then never initiate we go months without having any sex unless I initiate.

Hey to my ex's new girl. Tried to warn you. Can't wait til he screws You and your kid over too. Happy engagement after 3 weeks!

HATE watching your kids! They lie, don t follow the rules, and smell! Stinky breath, stinky feet, and bad body odor. I m DONE!

To my new coworker. Just because we found out we go to the same church does not mean we’re now best friends and will be hanging out after work. You are extremely annoying. There’s a reason I avoid you.

To my one employee stop having babies so you can have excuse after excuse on missing work give it up just stay home and be a mom you''re pathetic

Dear parents, teach your kids to deal with stress - stop having them diagnosed with anxiety. Sincerely, all teachers everywhere

dear doctor thanks for screwing up the 7 am appointment for my 81 year dad. See ya Friday bitches

Hey neighbor, 2 am is not the time for your dog to start barking...1 hour is a long time to listen to that!

you're a dad now sack up and be part of your kid's life instead of playing video games.

Cheer moms! It''s been 8 months. Get over it! BTW everyone knows you come to the games a little on the tippy side. >#

thanks for making it my fault that we didn't have sex last night when it was you who put you CPAP mask on and fell asleep at 7:45.

just because you're the boss doesn't mean you can just sit back and relax while we all work our ass off

worked hard for you for years. I even go beyond what I should have. One miscommunication and now you treat me like nothing. You should have been more clear of what you wanted but now I get to deal with your crap.

I'd probably give it up more of you were less of an A HOLE. Maybe try that.

o my gay coworker, I know I was the one that had to fit in my wedding dress, but I'm going to enjoy my cake & married life while you're still single & sad.

Lady in the DROP OFF lane at the school who got out of the car to zip your 10 yr old sons coat and give kisses, we're all waiting on you!

rebuttal husband not getting any your cheating is the reason wife is not putting out why risk the std oh and be on the lookout for divorce papers

to the lady driving next to me using her knee so she can eat a banana with a spoon, please get help

Stop buying fake nails and red bulls and pay your bills!!!

wish you would quit complaining about how hard your life is. You make double the money that we make. if you want to quit the church and disassociate from the family just do it but threatening it

Get out of my house. I let you stay here because you were crying you didn’t have a place to go now you’re making messes in my house leaving my door open and unlocked and using all of her utilities without paying rent I''m almost going to have my first baby and I need you out so I can stop stressing

Went on maternity leave. Job was taken by the millennial covering me. You aren’t as awesome as you think

you're not so spectacular that the world is dying to see your daily gym selfies. Eh.

dear ex bf, I'm so glad we ended it my new boyfriend and I have hotter sex and more fun. Love my upgrade

Learn how to treat your mother with respect. Making her cry to make yourself feel better doesn't make you a man, it shows you are a coward.

we "were" watching the show together then you went off to take a 30-minute phone call so why couldn''t you wait 5 minutes for me to finish my level on the video game

playing computer game with nephews. The two best players pair up and destroy the rest of us. Two games in a row even after pointing it out. Called him on it. The next day he calls telling me he talked to all the players and then proceeded to demean me for whining. Condescending, shaming... I''ve learned, he doesn''t like to be embarrassed. Never playing again. Life''s too short.

1st time stay at home mom and my oldest is 9, just because I don't bring in cash each month does not mean I don't have a full time job that never ends

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