TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

my secret is I know my wife had an affair with her ex-boyfriend, but it's over now and I never told her I knew

I've been having a romantic affair with my boss for the last year. Our wives don't know we're getting divorced to be together.....

my secret is I like to wear and use adult diapers.

secret glad I kept in touch with that cute guy on snap, he made a better boyfriend than you did for 2years! Sex is better too

I don''t have the certification I said I have. I''m scared every day my job will find out and I will lose my job

I'm in my 30's and in a high level management position with a very large company. I don't have my high school diploma but my resume says I do.

Fell for my friend who is going through a divorce, but he got a girlfriend. I’m being supportive as he struggles because that’s what I do, but also kinda hope that if things go bad he will fall back on me and we will end up together. Setting myself up for heartbreak, I know, but I cant stop

My husband's ex was a kinda popular musician and I tell him how much I hate her music, but secretly I really like it and listen when I'm alone

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