TEXT TOPIC: What event happened that gave you new life perspective?

Beat cancer two times! Makes you appreciate life.

Took me four years to conceive a baby, it was a very hard trial for us but I ended up having twins and appreciate them so much more now because of that

was in a car accident. I should have driven right off the cliff but for some reason the car stopped before going over. Now I believe in angels & that there are reasons why I''m still alive

having a heart attack march 2017 at age 46 changed me. Lifestyle changes galore. But so grateful for friends, family and especially my kids!

my daughter's heart defect changed me. I am more patient, life is so fragile, I enjoy the little moments and I am more calmed and centered on what matters.

I''m married, had an emotional affair via text with an old flame and I wouldn''t say it was THE BEST thing, but... When my husband found out, it ended up being a really good turning point for me in my marriage, I humbled myself a lot and we''re going to therapy and I changed my attitude to be more grateful

Driving through all the countries from Mexico to Costa Rica changed me seeing how poor people are there. Ever since my husband and I have lived as simple as possible and I''m so grateful for what I do have. I try not to take things for granted. Even the littlest things.

10 years ago an ATV accident shattered my pelvis and put me into a wheelchair for 6 months. Now I'm married, have a kid and walk everyday for my job! Blessed

Was held at gun point in my teens and also have been raped when I was younger now I work to put criminals away, and I definitely don''t take life for granted.

had a baby when I was 16 years old. I placed her with a good family and have never regretted it. It changed my life forever and made me a better person.

I''m 25. Last fall I had a pulmonary embolism and almost died. That day changed my life. Lost weight, got a new job that I actually like, and stopped wasting time. Now If I want something I make it happen. Life is precious. Don''t forget that.

My daughter passed away at 20, definitely made me realize how short life can be and never take anything for granted!

almost lost 1 of my twins at 3 months old. Thank god he is great today. I never take a second with my 4 kids for granted. They can be gone in a second. I have never been the same!!

My baby died unexpectedly a few days after birth. Made me look at my little family and how I spent my extra time. And what really truly matters. And that family is so important!

decided to visit family, there 10mins, then couldn’t breathe, rushed to the ER, died on the table, brought back. Found out both lungs filled with blood clots. New perspective on life.

my son was diagnosed with cancer and all of a sudden the dumb "first world problems" didn’t matter. Wifi isn’t working? Who cares?! I get to be with my people and in the big picture that’s all that matters.

Having a baby fundamentally changed me forever and for the better. We now have 4, and sadly 2 losses. Those 2 losses fundamentally changed me as well.

friends kid got cancer @2-6. Despite being sick she was such a happy positive kid. I used to be so negative and complain about everything. I hated life. Seeing Charlie conquer cancer at 6 changed me. I started finding the positive in Everything! 10rs later she cancer free &I'm life coach

when I briefly dated someone who did everything in his power to control and gaslight me. It made me realize I was worth more and led to my happy marriage with someone much better

After my second wife cheated and left I lost myself and perspective on everything that really matters. I tried to kill myself. Luckily a friend foundme and i was life flighted and went right into surgery. That forced me to deal with my depression and I''m doing better than ever before

losing a twin brother to leukemia at 23. Changed everything

about 4 yrs ago after a winter storm i was on 215 heading south back to work after dropping my baby off. Hit blk ice smacked into another car and wemanaged to pull of and while i was outside the ladys car i was struck by a car and woke up in ambulance and they told me I was literally hit by car wokeup with a broken shoulder blade and cuts on face. Made me enjoy my life and love my family more

People think it is weird I don''t regret being sexually abused for 9 years but without that I wouldn''t be the funny, sarcastic, honest, reliable person I am now. I may not be as bubbly as before but I like who I am now better

my ex bf had an accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He almost died. I was there through his hospitalization and recovery. Made me more aware & grateful for my life & changed my view of things forever.

wrong place with the wrong ppl,got me in trouble w the law, served some time. And divorce.

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