TEXT TOPIC: What do you do to embarrass your kids?

my parents embarrass me all the time especially my dad he's a brown version of Clark Griswold that's how bad it is

When I'm with my kids in public I will find every opportunity to dance!

Had to buy pads for my 16 y/o daughter. The check out boy was cute so I asked her "are the going to be ok for your wide set vagina and heavy flow" she was mortified

have an old jeep CJ 7 that I have painted up like the General Lee. If I happen to be driving it when I need to pick up the kids from school I make sure to honk for them and yes it has the air horn that plays the Dixie song. They appreciate it, especially my high schooler. Lmao

parents constantly talk about a sex swing to embarrass us. Tell them I need therapy they say would you rather your parents hate each other? Payback time now

love to embarrass my HS age kids first day of school I make them pose with me holding them in my arms like a baby. They loveit! #tradition

I embarrass my kids by dancing wherever I am when good music is on. In the middle of the aisle at the store, in the middle of the mall, in the car, at home when they’re friends are over, at church, and they stand there and hide their face or walk away and be like "I don’t know this woman"

when my kids start to throw tantrums in public, I start to throw tantrums as well it completely embarrasses them and they stop LOL I don’t know if that’s a mom win or a mom loss. Haha

embarrassed my 2 Jr High boys recently, I rolled in2 the parkin lot blastin’ remix of Baby Shark, then got out 2 do the actions. Don't make me wait!

I send messages to my daughter's friend from my her phone saying she'll be right back after she poops.

I love to publicly embarrass my kids. I’ll roast them publicly and privately. It builds character! Let’s just say by the time they turn 10 years old they’ll already be comedic geniuses. Don’t take life too seriously, people!!

Since our son was born my husband would call him his boo boo. Now that our son is 14, If we’re in some public place my husband will grab our son and say oh look it’s my boo boo as loud as he can. Our son doesn’t find it as amusing as we do.

My mother worked at the highschool me and my brother went to. I loved it. But my brother would go crazy when she would yell hi and wave tn him

when my 5th and 6th grade students say 'cringe' I know my job has been done

told my kids I will post blackmail pics of them on social media if they don''t don''t listen to me

when my girls were young teens. We drove by a some boys they said they are cute. So I yelled out the window my girls think yourcute. They just about died. Any chance I get I sing off tone anddance. Friday night my 19 year old me to stop mom. I ''d being a mom.

took my girls shoe shopping when DC shoes were popular. My daughter wasn''t leaving without a pair and I wasn''t about to pay that much so I grabbed a young sales guy in the store and asked him if would notice her shoes or her butt first

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