TEXT TOPIC: Where did you walk out of and why?

May be Inappropriate buuuut Things were getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, she said her exes name! I stood up and walked out, didn't say thing. bye!!

walked out of a Sundance film festival movie. Watched it for about 10-15 mins and left. Never experienced such horrible violence and I'm ok with violence in

the guy interviewing me was being rude acting like he was better than me. When he said my resume wasn't impressive I ended it. got an offer and I said no

My mom said ''I was abused way worse than you were and am fine, so I don’t get why you have these issues'' just walked out. She doesn’t even know all what happened and it’s never ok to put down people for reacting differently to the same situation

used 2 B moms chauffeur bc she's terrified of driving. Wouldn't stop turning off my music, I stopped the car got out & walked home. She walked 2 hah

Coworkers at my previous job were saying terrible things about the people we work with. I simply said "I can''t do this this" and I walked out. I wantto eat my lunch without hearing people talk smack about people I respect. #benice

this couple walked out of bohemian Rhapsody because Freddie and another guy were kissing. I guess they didn't know the real story and need to buck up

walked out of a serving job because I had 18 tables by myself

my boyfriends mother gets upset and very small things. One day we went over there for a Christmas party and she wouldn’t even look at me. She passed out gifts and skipped me on purpose. It was terrible. I looked at my boyfriend and we just got up and left , didn’t even say a word to anyone. Glad I have somebody who supports me even in hard situations like that.

sushi place. Only time I have walked out of a place without paying. They burned my sushi. No it was not a cooked roll. How do you do that!?

At My friends 26 year olds funeral. Her ex husband was speaking and started talking about when he was a young boy and wet his pants and other humiliating comments about his son - the deceased mans wife got up and walked out! I think we all wanted to walk out. Seriously what father does that!

got up and get up waited 1hr to get my nails done other people were getting their nails done

Boss accused me of being the reason his favorite employee quit. (She left bc he accused her) I got up and walked out. Best thing I ever did.

we walked into a pizza place in San Fran opened the menu and saw the prices and we walked RIGHT out. It was sooo expensive!!

don't remember the movie it was about 12 yrs ish ago but I remember some guy getting his head bashed in with a baseball bat and they showed it.

was a dental assistant and I was temping at a job down in Utah County. I walked out because all the doctor would talk about was the church.

walked out of a group job interview. Turned out they wanted me to sell knives. Ain't doing that

I am a man dating a man. Me and my boyfriend were out to dinner one night and heard a waiter Fighting with his boss because he was unwilling to serve a same-sex couple. We got up and walked out and burned them on Yelp.

Walked out of a job when the boss questioned my integrity when I called a meeting with the staff when he was the one breaking the law.

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