TEXT TOPIC: What is your something GOOD?

Good news! My baby girl is turning one on Friday! Where does the time go??

My hubby and I just found out his dad is giving him a car! We're thinking about going to Europe with the money we saved up for it!

on the way to the hospital to meet my newest nephew!! At one time I thought I might not get to be an aunt so I'm in heaven!!

Own my own business and I just signed paperwork for my very first office building. Company is growing and I love it!

got to spend Sunday with my cousins! We made goulash and had a blast! We are all in our 20s and just figuring out life and it was nice to get together and remember that we aren’t alone

on my way to my first day of nursing school at Westminster!

me and lover decided to start trying for a baby

our IVF transfer is on Thursday

my boyfriend and I are expecting our first child. Just found out a few days ago

just passed my board exam for nursing. I get to start my job in the next couple of weeks. So excited

start as a police officer today!

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