TEXT TOPIC: Are you trying to look like someone famous?

local teacher in Ogden that goes around the bars & looks just like Ed Sheeran. He gets stopped all the time.

guy I dated would go out of his way to look and ACT like Neil Patrick Harris. Hair, clothes, speech, all of it. It was too much.

my ex''s Dad tries to look like Jerry Garcia, maybe it’s because he is high all the time like Jerry was lol

I look like Audrey Hepburn in her 20s. I would dress up like her every Halloween and win 1st or 2nd every time.

have a good friend in Las Vegas that does impersonations of Lady Gaga. And puts on shoes and all. Her husband does the same but for Elvis.

people constantly used to say I looked like vince Vaughn. So I grew a beard

my GF looks like Jennifer Lawrence, she always gets told and isn't trying.

we call them pseudolebrity sightings I saw keifer Sutherland at a bar looked just like him anyway

get that I look like P!NK everywhere I go!

Met a guy in a club. Looks like Khalid

get told I look like Channing Tatum all the time, it's annoying haha

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