TEXT TOPIC: You are not the favorite kid in the family so, who is?

I’m the baby of 4 kids , I used to be the favorite but when I moved to Utah and got married , my dad started to favor my brother. . I no longer speak to either one of them

I’m the youngest of four and the girl. My mom loves any and all of my brother more than me. I was driving in my brother car once and got in an accident and she asked how his car was..... yeah we don’t get along

So. My parents don’t have one favorite. But being 31, single, lds and no kids my parents don’t visit me as much as my siblings.

Im the oldest of 3 kids. My brother (youngest) is the favorite, my sister (middle) is also well liked because she is the only girl. I’m the bottom

I'm not the favorite because I don't enable people. And I'm blunt about things.

at thanksgiving my father in law claimed it was the worst holiday ever bcuz his oldest daughter wasn't there & how she just makes everything better

my oldest brother! We call him the golden child! He gets anything and everything he wants! No matter what it is. Me and my other brother? Not so much.

favor older bro & younger sis bc I they never say no. I miss a fam dinner bc im sick. I hear nonstop how my sibs were still able 2 make it

my younger sister has always been the favorite! Parents deny it constantly, my sis had to leave 2 days after Christmas and my mom spent the following2 days upset that she had left. Ruined the vacay days I took off to spend with them.

I am the LEAST favorite. My older sister can do no wrong, and my brother is the youngest AND the only boy. #middlechild

used to be the favorite but after struggling with some health issues and self-confidence I gaining some weight. People treat me completely differently just because I''ve gained weight. Now it''s my sister.

my brother is the favorite for sure. 2 PHDs, served a mission, stayed active In the church. My mom idalizes him but refused to admit he's the favorite

my brother used to be the favorite until I got married. Now it s my husband. At least maybe now I ll get the inheritance?

ever since my wife left the church and I'm unsure where I stand, my parents prefer all my siblings over us.

used to be the black sheep and trouble maker when my sis wasthe straight-a prude, now I m successful with a family and my sister is the rebellious ho at 40

my mother in law likes my sister more then me! She's always asking about her and inviting her over. Whatever....

my brother is the fave out of 5 and my mom totally admits it. He''s a return mish, doctor and publishes zombie novels. And honestly, he''s my favorite too. He''s an amazing person

My brother has always been the favorite, from the moment he was born my life was forever changed. And to this day he is still the favorite!! It makes my dad furious when I bring it up.

My brother would say I'm the fav, but our parents don't pay MY mortgage!! Clearly I'm doing life wrong!

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