TEXT TOPIC: Did you get injured at a sporting event?

sitting in a suite at a Baseball game with my husbands coworkers. A fly ball magically flew up and pegged my 6 year old son square in the forehead. He barely cried, more than anything he loved all the attention and free stuff

2001 basketball game –they shot a tshirt up high @ a game. Hit a wood panel. It came spiraling down on my grandmas head. Knocked her out, 12 stitches & got tons free swag

My dad got hit in the face with a hockey puck at a game . Broke his glasses and gave him a pretty good black eye .

line drive to right field stands, hit a man in the face. Blood everywhere and rushed to the hospital.

was a cheerleader in college and a basketball player from the opposing team came running at me full speed, I was standing, and we both landed 3 rows up in the crowd. I laughed it off and was super embarrassed but it seriously hurt!

actually saved my nephew from a foul ball it was coming at him and I put my hand out and deflected it

It wasn''t me who got injured but rather the one who caused the injury. Playing division 1 soccer I kicked a ball out of bounds and knocked a small girl spectator out of her chair. Oops!

9 mo was hit in the bum @ her brothers baseball game. I freaked but she took it like a champ & had a HUGE bruise.

Soccer game --we left 1 min to the game ending and as I was walking up the stairs I got hit in the back of the head with the soccer ball. It made me fall and everyone was running to me. It was funny after

I sat front row behind the goal. They kicked a goal and missed and Iwas able to slightly turn and hit me right in the shoulder! I still say, really good thing I was paying attention or it would have hit me in the face!

my brother was playing his Gameboy at a hockey game and a puck hit a woman, bounced and hit my brother in the head. My parents weren’t with us, so it was an adventure of 4 kids and the infirmary trying to reach them

i injured my mom at state wrestling meet she kept egging me on and i rushed my elbow back to move her arm away hut her face and gave her a black eye total accident

fan halftime kick for $ Opposing team came out, warming up, walking off field BAM outta nowhere ball side head out cold free swag tho

soccer game in college. Guy's wife was a loud heckler on the other team. "Missed" a shot in her direction. She didn't say much after that.

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