TEXT TOPIC: Who's the elderly person in the family that shouldn't drive?

my father-in-law. He is 88 tomorrow. He was headed to the bank 1 mile away from his home and ended up on 6th S. his car overheated and he no longer has a car. We are not going to let him get another!

It’s my mom. When I brought it up to her she started attacking my driving. As soon as my son is 16 I’m going to assign yank my moms license. She’ll just think she misplaced it

my grandpa was a truck driver and that license got taken away. He drives with 1 blind eye and partial hearing. He is too stubborn to not drive. Watch out for a ''98 blue Cadillac

as a Dr office people bring parents in. If they wont give it up we require they go to DMV to retake the test b4 we will sign

My gpa! We had to take his license away after he took us to get coffee and drove right thru or local coffee shop by accident due to not being able to see. Lets just say I was embarrassed to get out of the car after that

My mom, she was putting a letter in the box in front of the post office and couldn''t reach the box, got out of the car, left it in drive and the carwent through the post office front window. I ain''t telling her she can''t drive, let dad handle that. that''s my moma.

Everyone over the age of 60 should be required to have a physical to get their license- my neighbor is 93 and still drives, but my grandma couldn't after

My grandma gave up her license after she was driving to my house and got flipped off by two different people.

if you attend dr''s visits with your elderly loved one you can talk to their doctor and their doctor can recommend the patient have a "functional driver''s test" which will help determine if the patient is safe to drive

My grandma is an awful driver. She wants ran in to a pole in an open parking lot

My grandpa says he can''t see to drive at night but he still drives at night. He says he follows the lines on the side of the road so that he doesn''thit anything

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