TEXT TOPIC: Who spouse doesn't know the meaning their kid's name?

my daughter is Bayli, named after Champ Bailey, dad chose name I caved because Champ signed 1day contract w/broncos to retire a bronco. He didn''t know until recently I didn''t want it because my ex dated a Bailey right after me.

If we had a daughter my ex wanted to name her Sandreanna, a combo of my name and his ex wife. . . I said NO F’ing WAY IS that ever going to happen!!

I''d clay. Its my first crush/kiss, however it''s my dads middle name too! But anyone that knows me k-12 knows I was in Love with Clay! Sssshh

My sister in law found out she was named after her dad's mistress. Her mom started calling her by her middle name and thats now what she goes by.

when started Dating my boyfriend me and his ex had major dramabecause she wouldn''t leave him alone. When I finally got to meet his family it was devastating to find out that his mom had named hisbaby sister after his her!=$ till this day I can''t stand hearing her name be called around the house An my son saying it. Smh

my two boys are named after Liam Heminsworth and Theo James."4" from the divergent series. my wifes two favorite actors l...Im ok with it....

my husband chose my oldest's name and apparently it comes from a famous telenovela star.

I also picked it baby names with a boyfriend in college and it used my middle name, and I have had all boys, needless to say he for married and had a girl and used the name we had picked, my middle name and all

Both of my boys are named after guys I had crushes on. They are 4 and 9 years old and my husband has no idea.

sons middle name is after my grandfather, my mother in law thinks it's after her father but I didn't even know her father's name when we chose the name

my oldest son''s father''s name is Ryan. He didn''t like any of the names I was coming up with, he wanted a normal name. So me & my brother (who helpedme more through my pregnancy than the dad) came up with Ryan as a middle name, not for his dad but for an ex that I was engaged to for four & a half years who passed away. His dad hasn''t been a part of his life for the last 4 years so I think I named him after the better Ryan but he would always tell everyone I gave him his name, lol.

got pregnant with my high school sweetheart and was going to name her Shaelynn but changed the name 2 wks before I had her and now he's married and his

my ex want a list he had long before we had a baby. Our first was a girl so i picked from list! Come to find out he made this list with an ex who was pregnant and she had an abortion

named my bby after the crush I had

my husbands ex wife thinks their daughter is named as a mix of their names, but in fact it''s after a girl he had a crush on in High School that he used to lay on her boobs in the hall

named my boys after Carter(doctor in the show ER back in the day) Keegan ( actor Andrew Keegan I had a crush on since I was a little girl) I finally told their dad yrs after we had them

15 y/o girl 1st n middle name r traditional from his culture nope. I chose 1st 4 actress n 2nd 4 supermodel lol

Martha, Rose and Amelia were the names my husband wanted for our daughter. He is a big doctor who fan, and I have never seen an episode.

Sister named her kids Gavin and Gwen. They're 18 and 15. Her ex hubby still doesn't know they are named after Gwen Stefani and her ex-husband Gavin

talked my wife out of naming our daughter Jocelyn I didn''t want to be reminded about girl that had broke my heart. Never did tell my wife the real reason.

My GPA named his 6 girls after each of his old gf. My gma had no idea. We just found out recently.

my ex named their baby girl after me. He claims he just finds the name beautiful and there's no deeper meaning... I'm a little flattered by kinda creeped

My name is Jamie, I'm 34 years old and I found out a few years ago my mom named me after Jamie Lee Curtis.

My daughter's name is Piper, I wasn't about to tell him that I love the name from watching the show "charmed."

named my baby Heath after the man I was having an affair with. Husband has no idea..

my son got his name after the guy my wife gave her V card too!!! Yikes

Sister in law named baby the name she chose w/her ex. She cheated, got pregnant and kept the name. New man don't know.

sisters ex boyfriend wanted to name my niece after his ex girlfriend , my sister didn''t find out until after my niece was born and they got into a fight and that''s how she found out

husband doesn''t know our girl''s names are from some of my favorite dirty-smutty-romance books

My brother wanted to name his baby girl Monica. His wife who is now his ex hated that name and so they agreed on Anica. Two years later I busted him in a long-term affair with a woman by the name of Monica. Needless to say they are divorced and have been now for 17 years!!!!

hubby and I both named our kids after exes. And we both knew lol

When I was in college I was obsessed with that challenge show on MTV and my favorite guy was Evan. Now my son, Evan, is 5 and my husband has no clue where I got the name or why I like it. Lol.

my mom and dad were going to name me Melina bcuz of Mortal Kombat But didnt because my dad's mistress was named Melinda

I planned a baby name with my high school boyfriend that incorporated his middle name and he actually named his child the name I made up. I don''t think she has a clue. I get a good laugh about it!

My daughter is named after Jordan Knight from NKOTB. My husband found out about 10 years later. But funny thing her middle name is after his ex. He didn’t know how much I wanted Jordyn! Her name is Jordyn Ami

my wife also listens to the show so all i can say is that our Son is named after a StarTrek character i admired while growing up. Lol.

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