TEXT TOPIC: What show are you addicted to right now?

Brooklyn 99 starts tonight again!!

Just finished Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. It was SO good but scared me to death

love after lock up rulz if you like stupid people

Also Schitts Creek on Pop & Sneaky Pete on Amazon

I love 90 day fianc and love after lock up. 90 day fianc is on TLC. And love after lock up is on we TV. They are true gems!!

Haunting of Hill House, Frontier, Hell on Wheels and The Rain are good series to watch

The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, and Single Parents!

THE RANCH! On Netflix! It is SO good! I also hear 'You' is really good too!

Binge watching Friends! So good.

The 100 on Netflix! It's actually a series of books that they have turned in to TV

Supernatural on Netflix. I love those Winchester's

just finished Forever, & am watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maziel & rewatching House, on Amazon. Also watching Sugar Rush, & Nailed It on Netflix.

"You" on Netflix

A million little things. It is such a good show and it's sucks you into the drama.

I've been watching THE ROOKIE it's everything: funny, touching & action packed!

My boyfriend and I keep watching bar rescue on A&E. It is crazy to see some of the filth in these bars

Mr church Netflix loved it!!

A Million Little Things and This Is Us

just discovered Sons of Anarchy!! O M G

Just binge watched insatiable on Netflix. Freakin hilarious!!!

just finished "Big Mouth" on Netflix and it was stupid funny

Glitch on Netflix

the office over and over again. And pimple popper!!!

Omg. You have to watch "you" my hubby and I are hooked.

masked singer


Travelers on Netflix. The best

Peaky Blinders on Netflix. So good!!!

Letter kenny on Hulu is funny as hell! It's about a small town in Ontario Canada.

I'm a 36 year old guy and I watch bachelor, Kardashian's l, and just finished The Challenge!!!

Jack Ryan on Amazon prime

watched the second season of Ozark!! Love that show and Jason Bateman!!

just finished Escape at Dannemora

Just finishing the last episode of Safe on Netflix with Michael C Hall. Such a good show!

Just finishes Gilmore Girls for the 4th time! Including year in a life. Netflix! It's a fall tradition to rewatch It!

movie called Mr. church. It has Eddie Murphy in it. In Netflix! It's a tear jerker for sure!

Hamilton's Pharmacopeiaonn On Vice network

Dirty John! On Bravo, sooo good and a true story

first 48 on A&E

Marvelous Mrs. Mazel on Amazon Prime and The Resident, Manifest, and AGT:The Champions on HULU

watching new Amsterdam on Hulu! The best!

Life In Pieces on Amazon Prime. Funniest show EVER!!

saving hope on Hulu! Can't get enough

just finished watching season 1 of The Santa Clarita diet on Netflix. Funny, but gory. Drew Barrymore is hilarious!

watching the good place on Netflix and can't wait to start the Bachelor on Hulu today

we just finished Big Mouth on Netflix. It's completely inappropriate but hilarious!!

Just finished watching Longmire on Netflix, 6 seasons worth! Watching The Ranch on Netflix and Outlander on STARZ.

Amazon Prime a must watch is 'A Very English Scandal!' So good!!! Only 3 episodes so a quick binge.

currently binging Lucifer on Netflix

house of cards

curse if oak island on history channel

My sister and I have been watching Worst Cooks in America on Hulu. We love it! I never knew there was such horrible cooks in this world

Jack Ryan on amazon prime , our first time ever bingeing

watching Game of Thrones on HBO, The Handmaids Tale on HULU, & Outlander on Starz. All are great series!!! I''m addicted. Sad this is the last year for Game of Thrones

I'm watching Surviving R Kelly on lifetime. The show is a real eye opener. After watching it made me sick to my stomach #MuteRkelly

My husband and I are re-watching Game of Thrones to get ready for the last season coming up!

Just finished The Innocent Man on Netflix. About 4 men that went to prison for crimes they didn't commit. CRAZY good show!

I am watching This is Us on Hulu. Season 1 ep 16 I'm loving it.

Started and finished the first season of The Sinner (Netflix) on Sunday. It is a MUST if you're a fan of true crime/murder/suspense.

Adam Ruins Everything It busts common misconceptions about well "known" subjects. It's super interesting

Rookie on Hulu with Nathan Fillion. Only 5 episodes so far, but it has me hooked! Excited to see the rest of this season

naked and afraid is the best!

chilling adventures of sabrina on Netflix it is like the comic books

Documentary on The Zodiak Killer and binge watched Making of a Murderer both seasons - AMAZING!!!

Goliath on amazon and nailed it on Netflix

forged in fire on History channel. It's a knife making competition. So addicting!

Happy on Netflix graphic novel

Last Man on Earth....Funny as hell. Just finished bung watching Friends...always a fav!!!

I am a killer on Netflix

Travelers. Time travel show.

rewatching greys anatomy


downton abbey prime video

Family Blood on Netflix is awesome

Frankie would LOVE Numbers on Hulu if he''s into crime shows. An FBI agent gets help solving crimes with his mathematician brother. Judd Hurst is their father

Wrecked -TBS

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