TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

the left lane is meant to be the passing lane not twiddling your thumbs!!!!!!

Parents. You have to send your kid to school in order for them to learn. I know, it's a wild concept. - Second grade teacher

Dear Husband yes I am a scatterbrained hot mess, at least I'm not a narcissist A-hole! You're welcome

Get a life. Stop being so sensitive. Be a parent. Stop wasting money on stupid crap. Stop playing the victim

mom stop stop telling all my siblings my business we're newlyweds are going to figure this thing out.

For those that access people's properties for work, if you go through a closed gate, CLOSE IT BEHIND YOU! We even told you we had a dog

Just because you quit smoking cigarettes doesn''t mean I can''t tell that you are vaping. I wish you would just tell me the truth and let me be in this struggle with you. Lying is always worse than what you''re trying to cover up.

Someone please correct me if I m wrong but I always thought that if YOUR kid wants to play with my kid, they play at YOUR house. So why the hell do you keep inviting your kid over to my house? You’re rude and inconsiderate!

thanks for snatching up my ex bf, I hope you like my sloppy seconds and the mediocre sex

drivers who honk @ppl who stop @red light b4 makin a right turn. It's the law. UR just f****** annoying. Stop honking, & @ the light.

Moving my fiance into our house and she has a huge old lime green bean bag losing stuffing that she refuses to give up. Just get rid of the dang bean bag!

stop posting on FB about being such a great mom when in reality you treat your child like complete crap. You're the bitch not the 12 y/o.

lady from CO behind me on Mtn view corridor, driving up my muffler won't get u there sooner. UR lucky I don't have time to brake check you.

Very cliche but, USE YOUR BLINKER. The people behind you don't know why your slamming on your breaks to make a turn if you don't use it.

I hope your bestie enjoys banging my ex on the fancy bedding I bought = it won''t last

Hey T, stop with the dumb act. We all know it's a manipulation and you are a capable human. I'm sick of you expecting everyone to do your crap

sick of all the drama with wedding planning with my family. You guys didn't want to listen to what we wanted, guess what? We eloped this weekend!

it's not fair for u 2 say ur being picked on by me when ur the 1 doing the shady shiz and got caught don't PLAY VICTIM

to the idiot who followed and taunted me for over 30 blocks on state st this past Saturday, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM! Grow up and get a life! You''re lucky I had somewhere to be or I''d have called the cops to nail your stupid ass.

You''re burning bridges with everyone around you. Even your boyfriend. Soon you won''t have anyone. You''re rude and manipulative. I hope your boyfriend sees your true colors soon and runs for the hills. On and off for 13+ years is far too long. Everyone is sick of you and the damage you''ve done.

I let you and your family live at my house while you were getting your house ready to sell. You have been out of my house for 6 week but left your crap, we are not free storage. Get your crap out of my house, I would like to use the space you are hogging.

stop spending 5 hours a day in the bathroom stall on your cell phone. we all know what ur doing in there. we gots work to do.

Coworkers! stop being annoying and petty. Management doesn''t have time for your crap. Maybe if you weren''t all so busy trash talking each other.. you could get your job done and be promoted too.

Step up & B a dad. I am not a gold digger all I ask is you do what you told the judge what you would do and pay your half for child care. Getting half sleeve tattoos isn''t a Necessity. And bitching at me for not packing a bag for our child when you should have clothes for her at your place isn''t me being a bad mom. Grow up. You''re 40 yrs old and can''t hold a damn job or girlfriend since you keep cheating.

pay your rent on time and stop making excuses!!

husband you can be over your man cold now. I'm sick too while working full time and taking care of the kids

When you complain about how little you get paid for how much work you do is really annoying. When you''re 100% of the time your on FB your job is to fax orders to medical companies that''s IT.

if they have cheated more than once... they feel no guilt and will do it again.. wake up

why do you think both employees left you? We all know you're hooking it up with the VP. No chance for promotions since you're in his pants

Just cause I am not taking our daughter to her appt. That you scheduled, doesn''t mean I dont put my kids first. Stop putting me down as a parent when all you care about Is your damn banshee. Who has full custody and the kids. Me!!!

I'm so glad you are my ex, I'm tired of watching you do nothing when your child is vaping and failing school

You knew you were stepping into the stepmother role. Just because you didn't take thing seriously doesn't mean you get to be the victim.

i love you guys since I gave birth to you, but geez stop making us late everywhere because of your tantrums

To the coworker who said how convenient your back to work after the holidays. I was serving in the military. How many Christmases have you spent away from your family

(We're renting and our owners do inspections) If our screen on our door is cracked and it BUGS you. Cry about it. If it's not on our lease we don't have to

stop trying to add my husband on snap chat he isn't interested in your ratchet ass.

To my Imature employees Mind your own dam business and focus on your own work. Quit looking for reasons to turn me in just because I hold you accountable

To the millennial, things CAN be your fault. Stop blaming everything as everyone else. Own your crap. Everyone messes up stop making excuses.

just because you don''t approve your daughter''s marriage doesn''t mean you have to treat her any different for the holidays! buying all of your otherkids trips to New York and only giving her $50 is a bit of shiz. Grow up and be a real parent.

co worker maybe if you acted like the manager ur supposed to be people would not hate u because we have 2 do ur job

I get your not happy in your marriage but don''t be macking on your mistress when your wife is inside, and in front of us , now you''ve just put us inthe middle of your drama shiz show SERIOUSLY

dear in laws we are freaking newly weds! Your son was moved out before we got married. You do not need to see us all the time. Stop with the guilt trips! We are focusing on us not how you feel. Our marriage is different from yours! It''s getting ridiculous!

to the girls at the gym that show up in full hair and makeup and barely any clothes - you''re not there to work out. You''re there to show off. Get over yourself and go home.

Know your Wage!!! You are not management! Stop acting like you are.

She's not worth your time! Find a girl that's not gross!!

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