TEXT TOPIC: What happened during the massage?

was in Thailand and they put you in a room with people next to you while they massage and I was in my stomach and the lady grabbed my arms and lifted them up behind me and my back arched up and my boobs were exposed and everyone sat my boobies

while getting a massage the massage therapist decided to inform me that he was a sex Ed teacher at the local college. But it was more of an intimate adult sexual Ed. Teaching how to have the "right" kind of sex in a relationship. And to keep your sex love healthy and safe. And then proceeded to breathe heavily and kept asking way too personal of questions. However was the best massage I ever had. He definitely knew what he was doing

Was on vacation in Cancun . Got a massage at the resort and fell as sleep because I was so relaxed. When I woke up, masseuse was on top of me. I was so confused and wondered what happened while I slept. Better not to know.

My very first (and last) massage was for my 20th bday. I started my period and bled ALL over. I could feel it but I was naked and didn''t know what to do. Now I am 35 so I would know to say something but I was young and stupid.......

male therapist asked if I ever had a boob massage. He said BOOB!!

I was 20, very thin and cute. A MUCH older guy, maybe twice my age but honestly pretty hot grazed a very intimate place, on accident I''m sure .. hesaid if I booked the last appt. Of the night he''d give me an extra long massage...I did not.

Massage therapist seemed off and then stopped the massage after 30 mins. Pd for an hour she said I could come back another time if I wanted. Ummm no

Getting a massage and the guy whispered into my ear seductively "Has anyone ever told you your birth mark looks like a chocolate chip cookie?

male therapist asked if I ever had a boob massage. He said BOOB!!

my first massage was really amazing, however, every time she would lean over to reach another side of my back, she would rest her belly fat right into my hand!!

my friend is a MT and she has the best stories. Farting on the table, guys getting "excited" people sleeping and drooling etc.

husband got massage in Thailand.it was super cheap. She kept pushing for "a happy ending" in broken English. He had to point to his ring. No thanks

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