TEXT TOPIC: Do you want your spouse to find another job?

My wife never wanted me to do real estate, it took her 3 years to accept it, and until I was making over 6 figures. She always wanted me to go get an 8-5 job

My friend’s husband is a corrections officer. She wants him to leave. His stress load is incredibly high. He has depression, anxiety, and insomnia now. He sees and handles so many awful things every day. Several of his fellow officers have committed suicide. These men and women aren’t paid enough and are unrecognized and under-appreciated.

my ex-husband didn't like me being in the Army, wanted me to get out and be a stay at home mom. I love being a mom, but I can't turn my back on my brothers and sisters in arms-he couldn't accept that

work at my job for almost 3 1/2 yrs im a women welder, my husband wants me to get a better paying job. Where I work I'm getting underpaid but i like it because it works with my schedule with daycare and picks up after school for my older kids! And they are very understanding when I miss work due to kids sick. He just thinks im not getting paid what I should be and to expand my welding skill to other trades. I will soon but now my kids are little and need mom more than more money and less time with them

my husband hates my job because I work all weekends and holidays. We haven't had a Thanksgiving in 14yrs. I am a retail manager.

my husband had a bus driver and LOVED it. When we got married I told him he needed a better paying job with benefits. I prayed he’d get fired because I know that’s the only way he’d leave. He did get fired, haha.

Wife hates the job. Been there for 5 years. I work in the automotive industry, deal with angry customers every day. When I get a day off it's not a true day off. Phone calls at all times on vacations never stop. I love my job though.

I'm a female in federal law enforcement and my husband really wishes that I would do something else.

My husband was not happy with my career in EMS and as a 911 Dispatcher. He supported me for years but it was always an issue. The hours and environment working with a male-dominated career weren't easy. The strain it put on my marriage wasn't worth it. I see that now. Although I miss my career I am happy to be a stay at home mama now. It's only a job. #familyfirst

I'm a general manager In fast food. wife wants me to find something less stressful and less demanding

want my wife (elem school teacher) to change careers. Not just cuz the low $$ but cuz they r treated like garbage by parents and have no control

I'm a police officer with the SLCPD. My wife won't admit it, but I know that she gets anxiety every time I suit up and walk out the door. She's the best

Work as a probation officer/ LEO husband wants me to stop. Love what I do and my brothers and sisters in blue but it takes a toll. RIP Shiners

I work for airline=free flights. My hubby hates to fly and therefore hates my job

my husband is a police officer and I’ve never told him this but I would love for him to do something different. We have a little girl and I’m scared with all the officers dying lately that I’ll be left alone with her. So hard.

Husband "encouraged" me to give up my dream career. I was a flight attendant. Now I''m a stay at home wife. He'd love for me to get a job, but I just tell him "I had a job."

I am a nurse, and it can be incredibly stressful. My husband has asked me to consider changing careers because of the stress. I love it though! Stress and all.

I'm a welder and the girlfriend hates it, she says I always smell like burnt steel, singed hair and flesh, she wants me to go back to being a mechanic

I want my husband to leave. It has made him mentally ill and so depressed it''s starting f to affect us and me. I may have to leave he doesn't leave this job.

My husband works for the city. He has moved up very fast and makes good money. But it's so hard during the winter months because he has to plow. We have had him gone from our 4 kids 2 years on Christmas money. We are both torn and dread these few snowy months!

I''m high in corporate business and it drives my husband crazy that I make more money than he does. He asks me to quit to be home with our kids constantly.

work construction with my in-laws and my wife hates it. She encourages me to do something else. I''m trying to get on with Highway Patrol. She says she supports it but I''m not sure she really does.

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