TEXT TOPIC: Are you tracking someone? Is someone tracking you?

I know someone that tracks her husband. So he leaves his phone at work and sees GF

my husband is tracking his boss/coworker attendance. They never work a full work week and he has to cover their work and still hasn't gotten a raise

I have one on my son's car, to make sure that while I'm at work on night shift he's not out running around

found a tracker under my seat when i was cleaning my car, I asked him about it and he said oh that''s been there since I used to drive it. Yea freaking right!

used my ex gf's appleID/find my iPhone app to figure out she was cheating

Love it ! Keeping track of my teenage daughters worth the peace of mind.

track my mom anytime she takes my car without asking and text her with her location and she gets so freaked out. I told her I put a tracker on my car but I just track her on my phone

my Buddies sister says she''s being tracked. (By the Government) other than the tin foil on her windows and the tinfoil hat, She is perfectly normal. For years I just thought it was part of her hippy lifestyle.

teenage daughter failing school, Alcohol, etc. She's grounded from the car except to go to work. We track to make sure she's only going to work.

been dating my bf for over a year. His baby mama has legit tracked him and on each of our dates that we go on. She''s even told him my exact address. He thought it was Snapchat. Turned out to be something she stuck on the bottom of his truck

Hubby and I have the app life 360 we track each other and the kids

my mom tracks my dad on his phone and One time It gave her the wrong location and she thought that he was cheating when really he was at home

have my sons android watch tracked #paranoidmomma

Track our 17 y/o daughter with a history of drug use & sneaking around. Worried constantly.

My brother-in-law is being tracked by my sister-in-law with his phone. He got an update stating that the tracker had been installed and she quickly made up a story saying that they wanted the tracker to go on her mom s phone but everyone had to have it since they share a phone line. But during the holiday he hung out with my husband and came to my parents house and she quickly started texting him asking what they were doing.

my wife and I track each other thru google maps for our own convenience, she can see where I''m working that day and I can see where she is when she comes home

like caller Jenny, I'm trackin my cheatin husband. It's been over 1yr, he said he wants to work it out. I don't want burned again, keepin tabs

Leasing agent had to show apt buildings company gave me phone. I tried to unhook all apps but I think they still watched me. It was a pastime to track each other in office!

put my tracker on for my mom to know my location, I am 25 and new to dating and scared of what could happen

my bro has NFC implants all he needs to do is touch your phone if you have NFC enabled he can track you

my ex put a tracker in my car and gave our kids new iPhones for Christmas so he can listen to our conversations as well.

I'm 42 & my daughter (22)tracks me through find my friends all the time. She tells me that she even checks to make sure I got to work safe. #attachmentissue

me and my friends track our tolken single friend when she goes out on dates. We all listen to true crime podcasts, it''s safe to say we are a little paranoid

Put a tracker app on my supposedly sober addict ex husband''s phone. Hoping to catch him in his lies. Saw a text he sent a work colleague saying "I wish I had a gun. I''d just shoot the b$&ch." That was an unexpected turn.

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