TEXT TOPIC: What thing did your parents do back in the day?

my dad would let us truck surf in the back of his truck! Wtf? He would floor it and we'd try to stay on our feet! I should be dead!

my parents used to fit 5 kids in a 78 Toyota Corolla HATCHBACK!!! My sister and I were always in the hatchback pressed against the window like suction cup Garfield!

My dad would take me to my Aunts to be babysat on his motorcycle and use a belt to keep me on it I was like 1.

My sister as a two and three year old would ride in the car standing next to my dad while he was driving with her arm around his neck.

I would ride to the grocery store, gas station, or around town sitting on my dad's knee as he drove. Windows down, Eagles blasting on the stereo.

I bought cigarettes for my mom for YEARS but minus the note. In Utah. Same age as you now

left me in a running car at the gas station or grocery store

My parents had my brothers and me ride in the pickup truck bed all the way from Salt Lake to St. George. They’d put us back there with the bags and snacks, throw some sleeping bags over us and tell us to lay down.

I remember when I was like eight years old and my parents would have a beer at night before dinner my mom would always give me like an inch or two in a glass

grew up in Cali so Liquor stores are like 7-11''s. Our neighbor would have his daughter and myself ( we were 7)take a note to the Liquor store with money and he told us we could get a treat too. We''d bring home a bottle of Vodka for him.

Driving at 8, renting R rated movies at 10, Only went to school when I wanted.

parents started letting me drive if they were drunk, starting around 11. Also watched my siblings overnight alone.

at 5 or 6 my parents let me roam the neighborhood alone.

my mom would leave me as a newborn with my older sister who was 5 to run errands around town

tying a rope behind my dad''s little red Toyota during winter hooking us to tubes or skis when we were like 6 years old, and then driving around and doing donuts in the snow with us behind the truck

my mom would leave us at McDonalds and go across the street to Kmart to shop in peace. We would spend our time asking for courtesy cones and playing on the toys.

my dad drove around drinking a beer all through the 80's and early 90's

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