TEXT TOPIC: What advice would you give the next person about your ex?

Hide your money and know he never stops dating even if you're married

Be prepared for extreme selfishness!!

Some advice to the guy that started dating my baby momma. Better get ready to give her 110% of your attention, and CONSTANTLY reassure her of your feelings.

don't share money, have separate bank accounts,


Once a cheater always a cheater. Don’t think that cause he cheated on me with you he wont cheat on you too. He's extremely selfish and controlling

My advice to whoever started dating my ex would be. If she starts getting an attitude, just feed her xD she’s probably just HANGRY!

She is crazy! And will accuse you of cheating when she was the cheater! #lesbianproblems

Plastic sheets on the bed are a must if he drinks! Dude can't "hold" his alcohol

Treat him better than I did. He deserves it. He really is a good guy, I was in a bad place, was mean to him & should've never been with him.

he's a self claimed psychologist. He's very good at saying what issues you have, but fails to look at his own. Know your worth. Get out!

Keep in mind you're only gonna be second best he always comes in first. #Narcissist

Hope you like to share, cause he'll cheat then blame witchcraft when you get tired of it and leave him.

grow the thickest backbone, learn to hold your own, and have the biggest self-esteem cause you'll lose a lot of it. #narcissistAtItsBest

lies lying untruths oh and did I mention the lies cuz he lied a lot

I would tell the person dating my ex to treat her like a lady. Just cause we didn't work out doesn't mean to treat her any different

he doesn't know how to love anyone but himself and the grass is always greener somewhere else. He will suck the life out of you.

be cautious of his smooth tongue. He will lie and cheat on you if he's already not doing so

you'll never be more important than his mother. He treats her like he should treat his wife!

you need to take care of the bills because they won't! You'll know when your house is in foreclosure and your car is repoed.

If you want to date a huge 23-year-old man child. His mom pays all his bills and he just drinks every night. So if that's your thing, go ahead

get really familiar w/ 50's era housewife standards!

After 20+ years of drug abuse and mental illness I decided it was time for me to take care of my kids and myself. He should come with a warning!

plan on collect calls and donations to commissary

He's an 18 year old man trapped inside a 45 year olds body. He won't pay his bills and expects you to be his mom.

Check her iPad. When she protects her phone, just remember: What she sends on her iphone sincs to her iPad.

don't let his smooth talking and charm fool you. He's a broke ass wannabe man whore with multiple baby mamas who doesn't pay his taxes.

wear a condom

watch for his wandering eye, he'll jump in bed with high school girls to women his mothers age. Just because you have a ring doesn't mean anything

Be prepared for the less. Every very word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. And watch your money!! He''s now serving time in a federal penitentiary for running a ponzi scheme...

you are dating Satan's twin run run fast and don't ever look back

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