TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that you aren't talking to?

Mother in law, continues to steal the thunder by stealing the big gift ideas for our daughter and gives them days before the holiday so we can't

not talking to my brother. Found out 2 years ago he touched his 3 daughters inappropriately over the course of about 10 years. I have children who he interacted with. Not anymore.

barely even rarely talk to my family anymore. Spent yesterday all alone so nice! My family is plagued by addiction alcohol and drugs. I gotta do me and take of me. Sorry NOT sorry

not talking to my moms side of the family, grandpa passed away Sunday, which is sooner than expected for lack of being taken care of

brother, Thanksgiving broke his wife's arm, went to jail, and DCFS took HER kids away on suspicion he was beating them!! & she keeps making excuses for him

my wife's dad, he tried to molest my infant son and robbed us of $9k. Haven't spoken to him in 2 years.

dont talk to my own brother because of his girlfriend. She causes problems with everyone in the family and plays the victim to my brother. My brother gets mad at us and stopped talking to us including my mom for the last 2 years! Drama queen!

I don't talk to most my family. I was adopted at 16 in foster care since 8 and since I've been 18 I've only reconnected with two sisters.

no speaking to my brother b/c I tried to warn him his wife is a cheater. He wouldn’t believe me and what happened she was sleeping w/ our baby brother. He was a minor at the time. She''s a Hoooooeeee!!

my 18 year old son and I aren''t talking currently. He didn''t want to follow my rules at home so he moved out and won''t speak to me. He thinks that because he''s 18, he can do whatever he wants. It breaks my heart so bad!

Not speakin 2 2 of my sisters, 1 4 gonna jail repeatedly 4 drug charges, & the other 4 gonna prison 4 attempted murder. I don't need that in life.

Not talking to my stepdad because he made sexual comments about my sister

my mother. She is a toxic person that chooses men over her kids. She also is an addict and I had to turn away for 10 years now for my safety and my kids.

Don''t talk to my sister, her choice not to talk to me. her son sexually assaulted my girls. She blames me that he went into states custody and she had to pay child support to the state for his time he was locked up as a juvenile. Which she never paid and now the state is going after her.

got remarried a few years ago and my ex started accusing me of abusing our kids. Even went as far as accusing my step kids all were thrown out, but my family is siding with my ex.

Brother, I took him in when he lost his house. He stiffed me for rent and utilities for 9 months. His dog chewed up my couch. Then turned it around on me and my then fianc turned my family against me and none of them came to our wedding. Love him don''t trust him

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